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Happy 2018 – Get Motivated and Be Sparkly

Happy New Year!  – Feeling a little lost and down with the post Christmas January blues, I did a little meditation and felt in-spired to write about some of the crystals which really help us get motivated, inspired, create balance in our lives and prevent us from perhaps making the same mistakes! – and going round and round in ever-decreasing circles! Are you with me … Continue reading Happy 2018 – Get Motivated and Be Sparkly »

Don’t get caught up in the Darkness

Yesterday we entered the dark season of Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere.  A time when the veils are thin, we remember our loved ones no longer on this Earth plane and our ancestors past. Nights are longer, days are shorter and for some of us, it might invoke a need to hide under the duvet – become reclusive and go into our inner world big … Continue reading Don’t get caught up in the Darkness »

The Purpose of Pain

My thoughts this morning were inspired having a read a post by my wonderful sistar Goddess friend Nenari Anne Diamond which was all about pain as a symptom of misalignment from Source, I followed this thread feeling into it.                   I invite you to feel now into the source of pain in your own bodies, in your … Continue reading The Purpose of Pain »

My Invitation to you this Fall

The Autumn leaves are starting to show – my favourite time of the year! I love the Autumn – it’s still fairly warm and chilly evenings with the rising mists particularly here near Avalon (Glastonbury) – an air of magic, mystery and transformation spreads across the land and we begin to turn very slowly inwards again.  Its a time of celebrating our harvests, what we have grown … Continue reading My Invitation to you this Fall »

Edenic States of Ecstasy

  Can we live in a state of ecstasy in the modern world? The answer to this is yes – yes – yes!  There is so much to explore here energetically – why? because being ecstatic and feeling ecstatic is our birth-right and how we are meant to be! To feel ecstatic – so blissed out, so connected to life and to nature is surely … Continue reading Edenic States of Ecstasy »

Crystal Heart Community

Crystal Heart Community is here! We live in a changing world, where I believe community will have a much bigger role to play than it has done for a long time. In our western societies we have been under the patriarchal yoke of capitalism for a long long time.  The sense of community that once was has slowly dwindled away to a point now where, … Continue reading Crystal Heart Community »

Fifty Shades of Confusion

Are you Living in a Black and White world? or embracing the many shades in between? I was thinking the other day about a situation and really coming up against a wall and just not being able to see through it.  You know the feeling – you’ve tried looking at a problem from all angles and can’t see a solution that makes you and everyone … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Confusion »

Innocence – Inner-sense

Dreaming is the way our unconscious mind allows us to deeply process buried treasure. This is why it’s always important when connecting with crystal energies that we perhaps sleep with the crystal under our pillow to see how the crystal works with our unconscious mind through our dreams. I’d love to share with you a little about one of the dreams I had recently.  When … Continue reading Innocence – Inner-sense »

Getting into Alignment

How often do you feel or say ‘my heart’s just not in it?’ What does this really mean to you?  Are we really aware of how much time we probably spend doing things when our ‘heart’s just not in it?’ We’re all beginning to wake up to our full consciousness – a scary and revealing transformative process that brings up many levels of hidden fears, … Continue reading Getting into Alignment »

Moldavite – To Infinity and Beyond!

  Extra-Terrestrial Inspiration Here it is, a beautiful bottle green jewel of moldavite.  This strange stone from outer space is not to everyone’s taste.  Some people find that it feels far too ‘out there’, unwieldy, too much fizzing energy to be able to deal with. However, I feel that because it is a combination of meteorite that has melded with the Earth – it offers … Continue reading Moldavite – To Infinity and Beyond! »