My Invitation to you this Fall

The Autumn leaves are starting to show – my favourite time of the year!

I love the Autumn – it’s still fairly warm and chilly evenings with the rising mists particularly here near Avalon (Glastonbury) – an air of magic, mystery and transformation spreads across the land and we begin to turn very slowly inwards again.  Its a time of celebrating our harvests, what we have grown literally and our own personal harvest.  It’s a time also for deciding where we go to next.  What do we take with us to see us through the darkness of the Wintertime – the seeds of the harvest we need to grow.  Have we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves through this growing season?  What more do we have to learn?  What new experiences call to us on the horizon?

I also love this time of year because it’s a time when we begin new projects – start college/school, commit ourselves to learn something different – and over the years I confess that I am a perpetual student!  I love the anticipation that starting some new project or learning brings.  Sometimes it may feel daunting and we may begin a healing course with some trepidation, knowing that it will change our lives.

As a Healer, Teacher and Priestess, I’ve put together a number of courses, long and short over the years to suit all levels of learning but one thing that they all have in common is that I aim to nurture your personal learning journey and love to give you full support through that journey – if it were a case of just selling a course and having nothing to do with my students learning journey – that would seem grossly unfair to you the student but also would be very unfulfilling to me!

I teach because I love to watch you blossom and be fulfilled through your learning!

Take a look here at what’s currently on offer and who its for.

  • For absolute Beginners and Crystal Newbies we have Crystal Heart Journeys.  A ten week course to help you become aware of crystal energies for your own personal use.  Receive a pack of ten different crystals, mp3s, pdfs and full instructions plus membership of a FaceBook sharing group.  Its a good start if you’re crystal curious and the first lesson is completely gratis!  Check it out
  • For those of you who want to dip your toes into the arena of actually using crystals for healing – go straight to my Learn Crystal Healing Mini Course – its practical and experiential.  Mp3s, pdf workbook and practical layouts plus full support if you need it.
  • For anyone who would like to really experience a journey of transformation with Mother Earth herself – Learning to use Her crystals, plants, trees and other energies of colour and sound working through the 8 seasons of Her Cosmic Wheel – come aboard Gaia’s Earth Medicine – full support is given plus membership of a private Facebook group for sharing too.  All the crystals and over 80 pages of pdfs and mp3s supplied – I love it!  PLUS until the end of September, you can sample one season completely gratis – just reply to me here.
  • For learners who want an accredited certificated professional learning course in Crystal Healing – come and check out the course now – ten months minimum of learning – 24 months full access to a dedicated learning site – full support given via email and Skype.  If group learning is impractical for you – or you have family commitments and can’t travel – then this is for you.  Take your time to Learn to be a Professional Crystal Healer at your own pace in your own home.  I’ve taught many students over the years and this course is all my teaching consolidated into one great course.  You really will get attention on this, I spend alot of time on my feedback to give you the maximum amount of assistance in your learning.  Other online courses are simply not the same!  Check out the course now


It’s all here
Crystals and Energy healing are where its at for me and I know it is for you too – I’d love to share more of this with you.  We never stop learning – I learn so much through my teaching and personal experiences – it’s a never-ending magical journey!.  All of the above courses apart from the mini course (which is a snip) – have trial elements which will cost you nothing (even my big course) – so please feel free to dip in to decide!  

Lastly, however you wish to spend your Autumn – I wish you much fulfilment, an abundant harvest and learning to truly nourish your soul.

Let’s begin our learning journey together soon.

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