Reflexology – the mirror of your body

– so very relaxing and  If you have never experienced reflexology – then please indulge yourself.  Not only is it extremely relaxing (never ticklish!!) but also very beneficial to the well being of the body, mind and spirit as a whole.

The ancient art of Reflexology is renowned for holistic healing.  Working on the feet giving a mirrored picture of the body.  By working the points of meridian energy lines which run through all the body’s major systems, we can help to revitalise and balance the body therefore helping the body to heal and be well.


During a one hour session, which begins with a firm foot massage, points and areas of the foot are worked firmly (not painfully) to release blocks.  Working the feet increases lymphatic flow and drainage, therefore promoting a good immune system.  It can help ease aches and pains and generally regulate and balance all the systems of the body.  It may also help with sleep problems, PMS and hormonal imbalances.  A treatment is extremely relaxing and most people can fall asleep – afterwards you may feel totally refreshed but also calm and peaceful.  Due to the de-toxing effect of reflexology, its always important to be patient with yourself, to drink plenty of good water and to rest when you
Sometimes I use crystal energies which enhance this treatment, making it more relaxing and dynamic.
An hour’s treatment is £50

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