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Crystals for Consciousness – Crystal Therapy Diploma  – Applications for the Diploma beginning March 2024 are now open.  

begins 23rd March 2024 near Basingstoke, Hampshire 
Crystals for Consciousness is a new paradigm crystal course that combines all aspects of traditional crystal healing and soul healing combined. 
We have entered into a time of huge transformation and healing as we continue to integrate new lighter ascension energies. 
Healing means to ‘make whole’.  We are merging with and into the Light of our own Divinity.  This is the time to step up and become the Healer.  Many souls need your assistance to help release the programming of the old paradigm as we move through the ascension energies and into New Earth.
This certificated course is attainable over a 9 month journey of in person learning days and home practice learning.  All classes will run from 10am til 5 or 6 pm on the dates given.  Online support will be given between teaching days plus one to one tutorials.


What will you learn : 
  • All aspects and techniques of traditional Crystal Healing – clearing and energizing chakras.  Protecting the aura within the 13 chakra system 7 layers of the aura. 
  • Sacred geometry and the expanded Light Body and how the healing effects of colour are applied to expand the hue-man rainbow.
  • Work with and understand the energies of more than 25 crystals. 
  • How to implement colour vibrations and sound within your practice.  
  • Learn ‘Ethereal Crystal Healing’ – that is working with crystal energies which are not physically present.
  • The nature of the multi-dimensional Soul and how to identify and help release trauma present within the Souls being.
  • The Blueprint of the Soul – RNA/DNA of the Soul.  Light Codes and Light Rays.
  • Introduce the Keys of Peace, Desire and Freedom/Joy given in the Maitreya Integration Healing System
  • How to work with flowers and plants to create a ‘living healing layout’.  
  • Techniques and practice for self-healing.  The power and implementation of Crystalline Grids, Healing Transmissions and planetary healing and much more.
  • Each student will receive my book The Crystal Soul Priestess, remembering the soul mission from the times of Lemuria plus a set of crystals for consciousness chakra stones.  
  • Dates of classes are : 23rd March, 27th April, 25th May, 29th June, 27th July, 31st August, 28th September, 19th October and 16th November.
  • Click the link below to see the full Syllabus.
  • Crystal Soul Healing Diploma – Full Syllabus
  • Payment via Paypal or BACS, a 150 gbp deposit holds your space.  Pay in full or installments of 5 or 9 months.
  • To apply for a place on this course no previous experience is needed but please CONTACT ME and let me know your background and why you wish to learn Crystal Soul Healing.  Thank you. 

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who loves crystals and has an appreciation for their healing properties.  There is no pre-requisite to the course.  All training given will be monitored and a practical assessment will take place at the end of the course.  All homework/study will be completed to obtain certification and practitioner status.  The course will enhance your healing therapy practice if you are already established.  Crystal healing can be integrated with a number of other healing modalities and therapies.  

Why choose this course?

The School of Crystal Healing has presented and taught the Crystal Healing Diploma for 16 years.  Over the years the emphasis on learning techniques and in depth understanding of healing and soul healing has been upgraded as the need for clear, concise and integrative learning has changed to keep up with what is needed from healers now. 
This course is unique.  All teachers bring with them their own wisdom and learning.  This course embodies my learning over 35 years of working as a healer, therapist and soul medium.   I believe that the best learning happens when a space of nurturing guidance is opened for the students exploration of their own wisdom, self discovery and healing integration. 
Crystals for Consciousness is transformative and creative allowing you to explore your own healing abilities and creativity whilst expanding your own self development and spiritual learning.   The course is over 9 months and is an initiation into the depths of what it is to be a healer of the Soul with the energies of crystals and colour.  
The School upholds a high standard of Crystal Healing Training, adhering to an agreed Code of Conduct and Curriculum of learning. The School of Crystal Healing has trained many practitioners over the past 16 years. The courses and training given are more than just a factual learning about Crystals and their energies. When we begin to engage with crystal energies with respect and and an open heart we enter into a far deeper personal learning journey of transformation.


What others say:

Like many, I have been connecting to stones since I was a child, but later thought it was a child’s game. Now I begin to sense that it has always been real! As real as connecting to and caring for my children. And for me, people like you Rhosalaria shine a light in the allowance of these things. Thank you.  – Tanja.

 I just love the course. Every crystal is so special and I feel it heals different aspects of me / my life. I think the way you chose the crystal order work with) for this course is just brilliant . I really do not want to stop after this.  I want to work with crystals every day.  You are my crystal guru forever. xx – Lisa S – UK

‘Rhosalaria is very kind and approachable, and will guide you through the course, at your own pace, and you can be sure she will give you the expertise that you need to become a crystal healer.’ – Heather C, Cumbria UK


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