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Can Crystals Really Attract Love?

The Power of Crystals is endless – its all about getting yourself into Alignment with your Higher Self and Attracting what You want into your Life.  So what about Love?  Do you want to attract the Love of Your Life?  Take a look here –  My How To Find True Love With Crystals coaching course is sure to put you on the right pathway to finding that special one.




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The World Needs Genuine Crystal Healers – Are You One of Them?

Yes, I understand, it’s quite a statement – is there a shortage of crystal healers out there?

Well maybe not exactly, but you see there are many types of healers and many kinds of crystal healers.  Let me explain my thinking here.

I’ll let you into a little secret here, and I’m really being totally honest.  When I first began learning crystal healing, I had already spent more than 15 years as a therapist and healer.  I had many diploma certificates to my name – aromatherapy, reflexology, body massage, aura soma colour therapy, reiki 1,2 and 3 plus some beauty therapy certs too – I approached crystal healing with a somewhat ‘oh this will be easy’ attitude but it wasn’t long before the wind was knocked out of my sails on that one!

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