Hi!  – I’m Rhosalaria,

I love to share the magic of Crystals!

I am very happy to have helped many people to heal and improve their lives through the healing energies of crystals. I’m also privileged to help many on their pathway to becoming Crystal Healers around the world!
Crystals and Healing are my passion.
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Crystals for Consciousness – A new Crystal Healing Diploma for 2024

The new course,  one day a month over 9 months will begin on 23rd March in Hampshire – to find out more click here.

The Crystal Soul Priestess continues in Wales on 13th April 2024 – Crystalline Ascension Days – Read more here

Buy The Book – The Crystal Soul Priestess is here!

This unique book is a blend of channelled information for the Soul.  A deep remembering journey of Lemuria and a reflection upon the story of Love here on Earth as reflected through the Crystal Beings.

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For one to one private Crystal Healing Tuition –
Learn more about my new Bespoke Crystal In-Tuition Service – a personal learning tailored to you.

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My Service of Love to You – Soul Mediumship Readings 
You are a beautiful being of Love and Light.
Being a beautiful Soul on Earth sometimes brings its challenges and at these times we may need to know more about our Soul essence, illuminating who we really are and our mission here and receive some deep healing to help us.  It’s important now that we may come into full conscious alignment with our Soul and connect fully with the wisdom we hold within.   Click here to find out more .