Aromatherapy Massage

A beautiful and soothing full body massage, which includes a facial massage with specially selected essential oils blended to help balance and harmonise your unique body’s energies.

The addition of therapeutic pure essential oils to sweet almond or grapeseed oil base helps to address specific problems that create stress, tension and dis-ease within the body.  Oils are never pre-blended and are chosen and mixed following your consultation to suit your needs.
An hour’s full body massage will help you unwind, assist the release of toxins in the body through lymphatic drainage and the power of essential oils.
Aromatherapy works on the emotional and mental levels also via the scent of the oils invoking a sense of peace and balance throughout.  I’ve been practising aromatherapy since 1992 and it’s a wonderfully effective, soothing treatment to give and receive.  Ladies only.
Full Hour £50

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