About Gwyneth

Hi!  – I’m Gwyneth, the Crystal Guru

and I want to share with youthe magic of Crystals!

I feel so very privileged to have brought awareness of crystal energies and the knowledge of crystal healing to so many hundreds of lovely people around the world!  Crystal healing is truly my dharma.
Here’s part of my story.  I first came to crystals 18 years ago.  I was living in The Highlands of Scotland and knew of a Crystal Therapist, who lived nearby.  One day,  I was feeling out of sorts and she gave me a treatment, I was feeling quite emotional at the time, but afterwards I felt happy, whole, calm and able to cope with a new home and the stresses of life, in fact, I felt on top of the world!

I came back to crystals a couple of years later after another major juncture in my life.  I had decided to do a Crystal Therapy course, after meeting a Crystal Therapist who worked alongside me in my Therapy shop.  The Diploma lasted for 2 years.  I had no idea then, how crystals would change my life!  Recent divorce had really brought me down and I was lacking in confidence and direction.  I was a little sceptical even though I haFullSizeRenderd experienced the power of crystals already!  Over the two years of working constantly with many different crystals and doing more than 100 case studies – my life began to change.  I became more confident, I felt re-connected to who I am as a person and the path I wanted and needed to be on.  My sense of spirituality was strengthened but better still, I was walking my talk.

I began teaching about Healing, reflexology, colour therapy and crystal healing in Adult Education and in 2008 I founded The Crystal Heart School of Crystal Healing.  My own two year professional diploma course adheres to a strict core curriculum content and offers over 180 hours of tutor led learning. 

Crystals are so amazing!  Even though crystals are abundantly available – many people still don’t  really know how to connect with crystals and the full potential of their energy.  In fact, being aware of this fact led me to create my Crystalheart Journeys online course, so that people could begin to experience and learn for themselves how fantastic crystals are!

My work as a self-initiated Priestess of the Goddess inspired another on line course which took me a year to create.  Gaia’s Earth Medicine works around the wheel of the year and is a transformative shamanic course working with crystals, plants and other natural energies.  The course can be started at any time of the year and anywhere in the world!  The cosmic wheel goes on and on year after year – when we are in tune with the seasons, we can create wonderful things!

Crystals can offer us deep insights, as well as healing and help us to be more connected to our truth.  They truly are an amazing gift to us – and we can learn so much when we work with them with respect and integrity. 

We can learn so much from crystals and I’m really excited to share that gift with you here!