Crystal Heart Diploma

The Professional Diploma in Crystal Healing

Are crystals calling your inner Healer?

This is a one year part time certificated course that is for people who would like to learn the shamanic art of healing with crystals.  

The Journey to becoming a Professional Crystal Healer is personally fulfilling and spiritually transforming.

  • Learn to deepen your intuition and become a confident safe and intuitive healer
  • Journey in depth with 32 crystals, know their energies and how to use them
  • Nurture your own healing journey and see how it transforms you!
  • Learn how colour, sound and plant energies can compliment your healing practice
  • Learn how to conduct a professional practice
  • Learn more about the chakras, sacred geometry, the subtle energy bodies, distance healing, affirmations and journeying with a client PLUS lots more.

The next course will be held at Goddess House, Magdelene Street, Glastonbury UK and will take place over seven weekends.  The course teaches all aspects of working with crystal energy.  You will become a confident proficient healer with practitioner status.  A diploma certificate will be given on completion which will enable you to practice safely with the general public and obtain public liability insurance.  The course follows a standard core curriculum to ensure you are trained to a high standard.  The course is accredited by the CMA.  

Here is a brief outline of the course content and dates:

8/9 Oct 2016 – Looking at our own inner landscape, knowing our own energy.  We learn to become more present, to hold sacred healing space for others.  Basic crystal healing techniques and aura massage are learned here as well as subtle anatomy.  We work with our first five crystals.

3/4 Dec 2016 – Looking at our own inner transformation and healing.  We look at the rock cycles and our own life cycles.  Shamanic journeying.  We will learn to remove blocks with crystal wands and other techniques.  Working closely with four more crystals.

18/19 Feb 2017 – Looking towards the light, renewal and regeneration.  The healing crisis, release, chakra charging, aura charging.  Four more crystals.

8/9 April 2017  Looking at inner balance/equilibrium.  Looking at our authenticity through self-healing.  Working with colour and sacred geometry.  Four crystals for the heart.

3/4 June 2017 – Looking at relationship and deep wounding.  Gem essences and elixirs.  We look deeply at relationship through the chakras and their interaction.  The sacral chakra, trauma and past life memory.  Five more crystals.

19/20 August 2017 – Our senses of abundance, creating mandalas for abundance and healing, distance healing.  The heart chakra and our seat of wisdom (hara).  Using sound and flowers within our healing practice. Four more crystals.

14/15 October 2017 – Grounding ourselves as healers.  Setting up a healing practice, client management and safety, boundaries.  Work with calcites, fluorites and tourmalines.  There will be a practical assessment.

To receive the full Crystal Healing Diploma all weekends must be attended, practice and written work between weekends must be completed satisfactorily.

The cost for this training course is £700.  A non refundable deposit of £100 secures your place.  Registration must be by 4th September 2016.  The balance of £600 is then due by 1st October 2016.

You may choose to pay via instalments in which case the total cost is £735 to include £35 admin fee. You may pay £100 deposit followed by 8 payments of £80 via paypal or BACS.

Terms and conditions:

Leaving the Course:  Students who pay for the whole course in advance and leave before the 2nd weekend will receive a full refund minus the deposit.  There is no refund after the 2nd weekend.  Students who pay via instalments and leave before the 2nd weekend do not receive a refund.

Students must be respectful of each other and observe strict confidentiality at all times.

crystal healing diploma application form 2016

Crystal Healing Training


What other people say about this course:

‘I have really enjoyed and valued every moment of my diploma course for Crystal Healing with you.  I have discovered almost as much about my self as I have about the crystals I came to know on the two year crystal journey with you.   The course was so varied and interesting as well as such fun and healing.  Even if people do not want to become healers they will still get so much from attending the course and will heal aspects of themselves along the way just as I have.   Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience love and blessings Dee X’

‘There are many crystal healing diploma courses out there, but I’m so glad I chose this one run by Gwyneth. It is not just another course, it’s more of a life experience for me. I learnt a lot about crystals healing in the first year and at the same time I went through a fascinating self-healing process. I feel like I came a long way and this is mainly thank to Gwyneth and her magic touch.’ – Lara

‘I am halfway through the two year diploma course in crystal healing.  The course is superb, I have learned and experienced so much.  Gwyneth is an excellent teacher.  She is extremely knowledgeable, is very giving of herself and encouraging.  The course is flexible and can be fitted around personal committments.  Learning about and experiencing the crystals is a privilege, but we learn so much more about others aspects of healing too.  At the end of this year Gwyneth and the course will have enabled me to become an all round proficient healer.’ – Sue

‘I highly recommend this course, Gwyneth’s knowledge and excellent teaching skills have taught me so much, not only about crystals and healing but also about myself, it is a real journey of self-discovery and expansion.’ – Pia
‘I have been attending the Crystal Healing Diploma for over a year now and find it wonderfully relaxing and enlightening. Gwyneth is warm and patient and completely in tune with the crystals we work with. Even though I had an extensive knowledge of crystals before I began this course I have learned so much. I can completely recommend it. ‘- Lynne
‘Jen and I have had the most wonderful experience being students of the Crystal Healing Diploma for the past two yers.  You have supported us every step of the way in enabling us to understand and to love crystals.  Certainly our lives have been transformed under your guidance.  You are truly a fantastic teacher. ‘ Eunice and Jen

If you have any questions about Crystal Healing Training please contact me directly here.  


You can still sign up for the above course until the beginning of December 2017 but from then you’ll have to wait until next year.  Watch this space for more news!

But, if you want to experience the magic of crystals in the meantime, take a look at Gaia’s Earth Medicine – a year long online course which you can do at your own pace. OR Crystalheart Journeys – a short 10 week online introduction which will really give you a feel for the magic of crystal energies.

If you live near Glastonbury, please check out the Crystalheart Community Facebook Page for our ongoing Crystal and Gong Journeys with Raw Chocolate at Goddess House, Magdelene Street, Glastonbury, UK.