Soul Mediumship Readings

There are times when we need illumination and reassurance to help us on our journey path of love on Earth.

Everything we need to know about our Soul’s essence is within us, but as we come into our earthly body, much of that becomes distorted by our experiences through relationships and our environment.  As we pass through the ‘veils of amnesia’ when we are born physically onto the Earth – we often forget who we truly are at a Soul level.  We become disconnected from our Soul’s deep wisdom, our blueprint.
Within the Akashic records of the Universal Heart of Source we can access information about our Soul’s blueprint, soul agreements, soul and life purposes and our connection to all that is.  When we are in discordance with ourselves, out of balance, in difficulty, or just in need of clarity, accessing the Akasha of the soul to realise and re-member who we truly are, placing back the fragments of our mis-alignments and mis-understandings to recreate the perfection in Love and Light we really are at a Soul level, offers a sense of completion, wholeness, understanding and deep healing.  Since we are multi-dimensional beings, we may access our soul in many dimensions  to ‘see’ with true eyes that which Source needs us to know right now to help us.

What is a Soul Reading? – for more information please click here and head over to my new dedicated space, Heart and Soul Horizons.