Crystal Blessings Mandala









This beautiful crystal healing mandala was channelled through from Source connection and meditation this morning.

💖💖  Please enjoy the energy of it – allow yourself to absorb the energies flowing to you in waves as you view the image.

The following words of love were channelled through as I completed the mandala and meditated upon it.

‘You are so deeply loved, and as a soul being across many incarnations you are becoming free from illusion.  For the absolute truth shall set you free.  You are an expression of Divine Source Love.  You are actively a part of the shimmering golden emanations of such love and creation.  You are expanding into wholeness, a realisation of all you are with extreme love, light and the unconditional love expression of Divine masculine and feminine in unity.
Allow.  Allow all to be accepted as expressions of love within the outbreath and allow peace to be the pervading thought creation upon your inbreath.   You are love itself.  You are the Soul expression of Source as pure sentience.’  💖
With Divine blessings,  Rhosalaria ⚘
Heart and Soul Horizons

The crystals that are used here are rose quartz around the selenite orb centre.  Citrine represents the golden effulgence of source emanations.  Selenite is the pure expression of Source love.  Green aventurine is the expansiveness in the heart now opening more fully.  The ability to breathe in the love and purity of Source.


These are some of the wonderful energies of crystals.  In the new course, Crystals for Consciousness, we shall be exploring and working with our abilities to express Source through channelled connection and to bring a sense of expansive healing to ourselves as individuals and the Earth.

Crystals are a manifestation of Love and Light on Earth.  The crystalline energies are here now to help us integrate our higher divine self through the ascension energies flowing to and from within the planet now.

This is such a beautiful time to be here on Earth and the Crystal Beings are and have always been our most amazing allies for healing.  For this is our mission here – to heal and to integrate the wisdom of the Soul as expressions of Source Love.

I have been teaching the art of crystal healing for many years now and the new course is an expression of the awareness of consciousness we are living through.

If you would like to know more about The School of Crystal Healing, please read more here.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details.  The course begins on 23rd March 2024.