The Purpose of Pain

My thoughts this morning were inspired having a read a post by my wonderful sistar Goddess friend Nenari Anne Diamond which was all about pain as a symptom of misalignment from Source, I followed this thread feeling into it.










I invite you to feel now into the source of pain in your own bodies, in your minds, your feelings, your spirit – where is there pain?

We often see pain as an infliction placed upon us by others – thus we become a victim of pain, we become a victim of their pain, they are a victim of someone else’s pain and so on and so on. My thoughts are that this is, at the very core of pain and conflict in the world. The disassociation and misalignment of Source. In my crystal healing teachings we learn that physical/mental dis-ease is a manifestation of such separation. . . .
Imagine how it can be in the NOW in this very moment, if you will feel into your soul, your body, your feelings and reconnect through your heart to Source/Goddess/Divine Mother/God and feel the Oneness – and in this very moment, all pain disappears, in this one moment you are filled with Love and grace. In this one moment allow the pain to dissolve away into the Light of Source. 


We cannot blame others for our pain, our dis-ease – if we would all practise daily as much as we can, a re-connection to Source alignment, love and grace and wholeness are manifest within us and we realise the greatness of being. And so that love ripples out and out and out . . . to touch the hearts of others and to bring us all back to wholeness.

Rhosalaria – September 2017 (first published on FaceBook)

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