Author: Gwyneth Robbins-Cox

Crystal Blessings Mandala

                This beautiful crystal healing mandala was channelled through from Source connection and meditation this morning.   Please enjoy the energy of it – allow yourself to absorb the energies flowing to you in waves as you view the image. The following words of love were channelled through as I completed the mandala and meditated upon it. ‘You … Continue reading Crystal Blessings Mandala »

Are You Feeling Wobbly? – Dealing With Ascension Energies

Last year 2018 was quite something!  So many energetic portals of eclipses and full moons and supermoons – we are all certainly more sensitive, even if we don’t consciously engage with these energies, they effect us nonetheless.  So, how do we deal with these energies?  How do we stay grounded? Already this year we have experienced waves of Light hitting the Earth and many people … Continue reading Are You Feeling Wobbly? – Dealing With Ascension Energies »

Podcast for You

Listen here to my interview with Charlene Thompson of Gemstonelove who is really into crystals and mindfulness.  She runs a successful podcast and she interviewed me just before Christmas and asked me all about my journey with crystals, including my suggestions of what crystals to use to help in business, family, spiritual connection and more – its a great listen so get a load here.

Giving Soul Back to Soul

What is the soul?  And what does giving soul back to soul mean? For me, the soul is the everlasting energy of Light and Love that is the purest essence of the Divine Source/God/Goddess/Prime Creator and is a holographic blueprint of whom we are as individual beings and as part of Source.  The Soul is everlasting.  The soul exists simultaneously in many dimensions, which is … Continue reading Giving Soul Back to Soul »

Valentines Day Self Love Mandala

Valentines Day is overrated and commercialised.  I wanted to share with you my crystalline transmission of Self-Love here:                 ‘May this Crystalline Transmission of self love remind you that love is present in all things always. May the Light of Love unfold softly within your wounded hearts in remembrance of your true beautiful soul essence. May the Light … Continue reading Valentines Day Self Love Mandala »

Under the Weather? Here’s My 5 Top Crystals for Health and Vitality

I’m just getting over a bout of the flu.  A nasty virus that seems to have struck so many people.  I haven’t felt this ill in years. Whilst I was suffering from the most horrendous cough and aching body and headache – I thought about the crystals that in the past I’ve found really help us to get over these things more quickly. A short … Continue reading Under the Weather? Here’s My 5 Top Crystals for Health and Vitality »

Happy 2018 – Get Motivated and Be Sparkly

Happy New Year!  – Feeling a little lost and down with the post Christmas January blues, I did a little meditation and felt in-spired to write about some of the crystals which really help us get motivated, inspired, create balance in our lives and prevent us from perhaps making the same mistakes! – and going round and round in ever-decreasing circles! Are you with me … Continue reading Happy 2018 – Get Motivated and Be Sparkly »

Don’t get caught up in the Darkness

Yesterday we entered the dark season of Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere.  A time when the veils are thin, we remember our loved ones no longer on this Earth plane and our ancestors past. Nights are longer, days are shorter and for some of us, it might invoke a need to hide under the duvet – become reclusive and go into our inner world big … Continue reading Don’t get caught up in the Darkness »

The Purpose of Pain

My thoughts this morning were inspired having a read a post by my wonderful sistar Goddess friend Nenari Anne Diamond which was all about pain as a symptom of misalignment from Source, I followed this thread feeling into it.                   I invite you to feel now into the source of pain in your own bodies, in your … Continue reading The Purpose of Pain »

My Invitation to you this Fall

The Autumn leaves are starting to show – my favourite time of the year! I love the Autumn – it’s still fairly warm and chilly evenings with the rising mists particularly here near Avalon (Glastonbury) – an air of magic, mystery and transformation spreads across the land and we begin to turn very slowly inwards again.  Its a time of celebrating our harvests, what we have grown … Continue reading My Invitation to you this Fall »