Don’t get caught up in the Darkness

Yesterday we entered the dark season of Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere.  A time when the veils are thin, we remember our loved ones no longer on this Earth plane and our ancestors past.

Nights are longer, days are shorter and for some of us, it might invoke a need to hide under the duvet – become reclusive and go into our inner world big time.


Its a natural response that when our pineal gland receives less Light we slow down and journey inwards.  For some though this might be the onset of SAD and depression.  It’s not always possible to hop on a plane and follow the sun to the warmest Lightest place currently to escape our winter darkness and gloom!  So how do we deal with the darker days and nights?
I was thinking about how easy it can be for us to get caught up in the darkness.  The truth is that where there’s dark, there is always Light.  We can’t have one without the other.  It’s also easy to forget, in a world that perpetuates a media of disaster, war and fear, that each of us carries our own Light.

The Light within each of us is our connection to Source – it is our own individual divine Light that is unique to us yet a holographic part of Source Light.  We are not separate yet we are unique in the expression of such Light.

Darkness may be a lack of Light, or the feeling of hopelessness, burden, fear that we experience daily through our circumstances.  I shall share with you here that I know how difficult it can be to feel trapped in the darkness of our circumstances.  For the past year, I have been through an immense journey of fear and darkness as my husband’s son became ill with a brain tumour and we painfully watched him slowly become weaker and eventually die.  For me it was hard because I feared for my husband, how the death and dying would effect him, how he would cope and how it would effect our lives onwards.

Holding the space of love and strength, of unwavering empathy and compassion for many many months is not easy, but an exhausting process.  It is not easy to put aside your own needs at times to be strong consistently in the emotional holding of someone experiencing death and dying.

During this time, I had also experienced an awakening through my Soul Star, this was the Gift to me.  An opening of my Akasha – a remembering and seeing the Light of my dharma in the lifetime.  For me, the contrasting experience of such Light against the darkness of grief and holding was immense.  The need to move onwards with passion and love in my heart felt weighted down at times by the heaviness of grieving.  But the Light was and is omnipresent and a healing beacon.

A couple of months ago, we moved to a beautiful place by the sea – a place of peace and healing – a connection to ancestors for my husband.  And for me, a connection to the beauty and infinite life giving essence of the ocean.  The healing contrast of dark and light continues on as it always will but much has ‘come to light’ in this time.


























So how can we help ourselves not delve so deeply into the darkness that ensues and stay there, particularly when we move through hard times and through the winter months of less physical Light?

  • Practice meditation daily through whichever means feels right and good to you – chanting, mantras, affirmations, inner vision, silence, focus.  Whatever helps you connect directly to the peace of Source/Light – know that you are never alone in the dark.
  • Connect to nature daily or as much as you can in your environment.  Green forests (evergreens) will soothe and support your emotional heart.  Water is calming – be meditative in your connections – notice what Source is showing you – what do you see/feel?
  • Look after your hormonal health.  When we’re stress we release lots of adrenalin and cortisol which put our body in a ‘strung out’ , acidic and stressed state.  Take vitamin supplements, medicinal mushrooms such as reishi and chaga to support the immune system.  Eat ferments that are alive with healthy bacteria to feed your gut – kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut.  All these help the healthy release of seratonins in our body – the feel good/happy hormone.
  • Be conscious of the Light in everything, the food you eat, what you read/watch on TV, the people you engage with.  If they’re not resonating with enough Light for you – cut down or cut off your engagements with them.
  • Engage in blissful habits.  Do what makes you feel good – just little things daily that bring you joy.  Joy is underestimated in our society and a life filled with little daily joys will bring us a lifetime of bliss.  Bliss releases dopermin and oxytocin in the body which chemically helps us feel ‘Light’, and connected to Source.  Yoga is blissful, giving and receiving healing is blissful, children can be blissful, animals and pets, making love and of course connecting to crystals is blissful.
  • Crystals are a manifestation of Light just as you are yourself.  Light is in all crystals even those that are dull or black – which only means that the Light is totally absorbed and to our eyes appears black.
  • Remember we will never experience anything that ultimately we cannot get through emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  The dark carries a huge gift of learning.
  • Do not delve deep into the dark – remember you are the Light – acknowledge the dark and the pain, accept it and immediately you’ll notice a shift of attachment to it – through this acknowledgement of pain/dark you will connect via your emotional body to Source/Light – ask for help and it will be given, either as direct healing, insights or help that appears from elsewhere.
  • You are a multi-dimensional being existing in other dimensions simultaneously.  It is only the pain and fear that appears so real and overwhelming in this 3rd dimensional world right now.  Surrender and your multi-dimensional nature will overcome the fear with Light. and Love
  • Through acknowledgement of fear and darkness and the emotional connection to Source/Light we may be able to understand more of why the pain appears so real.  A repeating pattern perhaps that needs to be released and LET GO.
  • Express yourself – channel your fear/dark/pain into something creative.  Paint, make, sing, draw, dance, write, cook, un-cook.

Your Soul is Light, You are the Light, Let your individual Light Be Big in the world.  Be bold, you have nothing to lose – Don’t hide in he Shadow – Be the Bright Star you are and always will be destined to be.

Our personal energy is constantly changing but there are certain crystals that we are always more connected to because they enhance our Soul’s Light.  There are times when we need more to help us through the ups and downs of life, help to release, surrender and heal.  We need to learn how to break those patterns that harm us and see through the endless shadow to find truth and happiness. 
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