Under the Weather? Here’s My 5 Top Crystals for Health and Vitality

I’m just getting over a bout of the flu.  A nasty virus that seems to have struck so many people.  I haven’t felt this ill in years.

Whilst I was suffering from the most horrendous cough and aching body and headache – I thought about the crystals that in the past I’ve found really help us to get over these things more quickly.

A short word about crystals and physical wellbeing here.  Under our government laws we are not allowed to state that crystals will actually change your health but as any crystal guru knows, our subtle bodies and anatomy work holistically so when we engage with crystal, our energy is changed on all levels of our being.  I must also add that wearing crystals may interfere with the results of allopathic medicine if you are seriously ill or have persistent symptoms – in this case a registered Doctor will diagnose your problems.  So here are some of my favourite ‘go to’ crystals that I find most useful in these circumstances of feeling unwell.

Amber – one of my favourites for colds and flu.  The warmth of this crystal helps to ease the aches and pains whilst helping to gently release sinus congestion and coughing.  Amber also gives us a lift, makes us feel warm and loved and cosy and puts us in that state where we can still think clearly and interact with the rest of the world without keeling over!

Bloodstone – is great!  This jasper is wonderful for helping us detox and rebalance our whole body.  Wonderful towards the end of an illness when you are in recovery and coming back into a normal state of balance.  Bloodstone helps us gently release the negative energies and helps our body ease back into balance in a grounding way.

Aquamarine – One of my favourites!  (although they’re all my favourites really!)  Now this lovely one resonates with the crown chakra, the throat chakra and the higher heart or thymus.  As you know the thymus is responsible for releasing T-cells which are part of our immune system.  Aquamarine has a wonderful striated directional quality to it and will aid the flow of energy throughout the body, releasing and unblocking energy.  To me this crystal is one that can be used if your immune system is low, particularly if suffering from auto-immune diseases such as hayfever.

Orange Calcite – Ahhhhh!   This one is so yummy!  I just love the warm orange glow.  Like all calcites, orange calcite’s action is gentle, strong and stabilizing.  Therefore it will wrap us up in a warm orange glowing blanket and just cwtch (welsh word meaning cuddle) us off to sleep where upon waking we shall indeed feel more whole, balanced and with a fresh new zest for life – but gently gently does it!


Clear Quartz – yes, of course clear quartz will help clear our energy field of all nasty bugs and unwanted vibrational energies – thus restoring us to balanced health.  Although clear quartz is not the gentlest of crystals and may be extremely harsh and a little amplifying of symptoms at first – but if you’re drawn to this – try it out.

As I always say about any crystals – be intuitive and see what you are drawn to.  What works for one person will not work in exactly the same way for another, because our energies are all different.

Crystals are our energy allies and will assist us in regaining balance and harmony.  Always remember to take care of yourself.  Stay warm, rest, take medicinal mushrooms such as reishi and eating fruit is good and cleansing too.  Remember that having an illness is our body’s natural way of detoxifying energy that is unwanted.  Be patient with yourself and allow the process to unfold.  Rushing out and back to work will only stall the healing process and stress your immune system further.

Wishing you an abundance of sparkly crystal wellness!  – Rhosalaria, Gwyneth Robbins-Cox, The Crystal Guru. 

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