Happy 2018 – Get Motivated and Be Sparkly

Happy New Year!  – Feeling a little lost and down with the post Christmas January blues, I did a little meditation and felt

in-spired to write about some of the crystals which really help us get motivated, inspired, create balance in our lives and prevent us from perhaps making the same mistakes! – and going round and round in ever-decreasing circles!

Are you with me on this? – This time of year can be so hard.  In the Northern Hemisphere at least, there’s a lack of Light physically, and we’re all suffering from post holiday slump.  In our home we refuse to take down all the twinkly lights until the end of January when there’s an upsurge of energy – it just helps us get through.

Naturally, January is a time of gathering our energies, of resting, retreating into our winter dreaming where we might connect with our centre, our core of in-spiration.  We can feel into our new ideas and perhaps take a little time to get organised for the busy year ahead.  So I came up with 5 crystals to help you this New Year to get going and inject a little optimism and positivity into those grey cold days.

First up – Carnelian.      A beautiful orange microcrystaline quartz agate which helps us to bring forth and put into action our new ideas.  Its great for helping our creativity and helps us get through when we’ve got a dozen and one things to do in a day and keeps us going with a sense of motivation.  Carnelian is warming and sensual, creative and nurturing to our deepest emotions.  It helps dissolve away those fears which say ‘you can’t do it’ and replaces them with ‘yes you can’!  Now that’s an energy that’s really helpful don’t you think?

Next up – Golden Topaz.   Tuning into this crystal once I actually saw a light bulb switch on over my head!  If you are feeling a little detached, misaligned perhaps, lost – then any of the topaz family will help.  Topaz comes in blue and white also and the energies are all beautiful.  Topaz will help you align with your higher consciousness and help you feel aglow with the in-spiration and Light that might be lacking in your life right now.  Walking around with topaz is like having a guiding Light with you all the time assisting you in your day to day life and helping you to see the bigger picture and bring in new ideas.

Next – Emerald.   Oh how I love thee!  So lush and victorious, simply triumphant in its splendour!  Emerald is a big green energy that will allow your heart to expand with a glow which is akin to a deep tropical forest.  There is no limit to expansion and growth and renewal with this crystal beauty of the Beryl family.  Carrying emerald with you will help you act from your Truth and keep you on your own pathway of Love and fulfillment.  If you ever have problems being drawn off your path by others or wish to achieve something really big, then emerald will certainly assist you.

More green – Green Aventurine  – yes, another microcrystalline quartz.  Green aventurine lends itself very well to the whole idea of new beginnings, new adventures, expansion, freedom, opportunity.   So by slipping a piece of this lovely crystal into your pocket you will be assured of getting some cracking new ideas and feeling positive and balanced to carry them through.

Lastly, Petalite  – a lovely high vibe crystal which comes as clear or pale pink.  Be not confused by the pale pink variety in thinking that its all fluffy as petalite whether clear or pink will really sort you out!  Petalite helps us to stop going round in circles.  it stamps out beliefs and behaviour patterns that are just simply NOT TRUE!  So if its a major re-organisation that you’re needing, this is your crystal ally for sure.  It will clear and inspire you in ways that might be surprising to you.  We are all conditioned in ways which do not help us move forwards – petalite helps to clear that conditioning but you need to be willing and consciously aware enough to work with it.

So there we are, my five top crystals for a Happy and Productive New Year!  Time for you to sparkle!  Just be sure not to use all these crystals at once – with crystal energies, less is more.  Just allow your inner-tuition to guide you as to what you need most.  

Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins, The Crystal Guru  2018

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