Coral – Love and Flow with Wisdom

This morning I was guided to write this about the Healing Coral Ray. Do you feel as though you are truly deserving of Love and the beautiful gifts of the Universe?

Within the Aura Soma colour system we learn about the tertiary colours – olive green, magenta pink, turquoise and coral. These colours are very special and powerful as they teach us a great deal about our soul light – looking at the colour rose the tertiary colours are indeed more closely connected to the Light of Source at the centre. 

The Coral ray – like co-ral under the sea, teaches us to work co-llectively co-creatively with each other and Source. We are not alone in this vast Universe of Love. We are individuals but connected in Love.
I was pondering on how so many of us do not see and recognise the true beauty of the Love that lies within us. We feel not good enough, fraught with self-judgement and criticism. And yet, what others see maybe something quite different – looking into the mirror and seeing our vulnerability, the parts that only we feel are lesser than – if we look with reflection and with eyes of Love and appreciation, we see what others see – beauty in Love.
The coral ray – loving with wisdom, understanding and accepting ourselves with Love. When we practise this acceptance we can accept and love others and truly forgive. What once seemed like a burgeoning wound can be healed by self-love and acceptance.
Co-ral is co-mmunity, individually we may feel fragile, but together we are strong. Loving with wisdom we see the fragility in each other as a great gift of beauty and co-creation. Co-ral relates to the wounding of the Divine Feminine, the rise of patriarchy. Now is the time to heal and release those deep wounds along the timeline of the divine feminine so that the true beauty of Love can shine through within us all. In the coral ray we are united, male and female – we are One in Love and Beauty.  Find out more in My Service of Love.

Rhosalaria – 25th August 2017 – first published on FaceBook

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