Today I posted on my face book timeline about Bliss and then the day unfolded into states of bliss and definitely not so blissful.  Much later on I was guided to write this on the subject.

Bliss is the ecstatic state we feel as a direct communication through our heart to Source.  This feeling of bliss is the highest frequency of being totally absorbed in the Love of Source.  In order to feel blissful we must be open to the vibration of Source Love – resonating fully with the frequency.

Now inevitably in our 3D world this may be quite difficult at times, in fact, almost impossible to maintain as a high resonance frequency as we journey through our daily lives.

However, the key to maintaining a level of bliss lies within the feeling of innocence – being truly open and receptive to the feeling back and forth of Source Love.  You need to be in the ‘flow’.  This is being open to receive and given within our heart centre.

When you were a child you experienced innocence.  Fear, expectation, guilt, shame, delusion and judgement were minimal and limited or non existent.   Because there was no judgement you were open fully to the flow of Joy and bliss in abundance – just watching it ebb and flow without needing to judge or hinder, just to observe and to be part of it.

What is the difference between Joy and Bliss ?  – Joy is extreme ecstatic happiness and bliss is the scintillating smooth vibration of being in such ecstasy that goes on and on and on which can seem timeless and never ending and yet may only be happening in a single moment.

A few years ago I experienced such amazing bliss that was in direct answer to the question of what is bliss?  I went to visit a friend for a couple of hours and as we sat chatting in her kitchen the back door was open onto her lovely garden – it was warm and sunny.  We each had a shot of fresh wheatgrass juice from plants that my friend had been lovingly growing and I immediately began to feel sick.  This feeling passed quickly and I began to go into a trance-like state and whilst listening to my friend – I said that I needed to go and sit on the grass in the garden.  The spirit of wheatgrass as a hologram of Source began speaking to me.

As soon as I sat on the Earth I felt a connected-ness to Mother Earth’s negative charge and visions began to open up to me directly channelled from Source via the ally of wheatgrass.  I began to see a shining green mirror before me and a wall like a garden fence.  I visioned myself stepping through the green reflective mirror and there I found myself on the other side of the fence in the most beautiful idyllic paradise.  Most important in my memory of this was of course the feeling of ecstatic bliss in my heart.  The feeling was so incredibly beautiful and although it was brief I can recall it so well that I can still take myself to this place as I see it so clearly.

For the last few years since then I have at times felt a great sadness that the vision I could see and feel was perhaps not there for everyone.  I felt sad and anxious almost that maybe others would not be able to feel such immense beauty and know that it is a reality to tap into.

Today, I know that these moments of bliss are a gift of absolute divine love from Source and even if they are but fleeting – these moments add up to a lifetime of Bliss and Love, as these are the most valuable gifts that keep us connected and in the flow with our inspiration and sense of belonging.  To feel such bliss is like sweet nectar from our Divine Mother.  We are nurtured and loved.

And yet, still, we live in our 3D world full of complications, anxieties, stresses, problems to solve and let’s face it – the dross that others project out to us.  How do we stay connected in a state of bliss?  – we reconnect to innocence.  We take our mind and most importantly our heart back to the times where we remember such utter joy and bliss in our childhood.  The first time we saw a beautiful rose, ran into the sea, sat at the top of a tree, or whatever blissful feeling we may have had – these are the moments to recall that bring us back into alignment with Sourcelove.  To experience the nectar of bliss.  The key is timelessness – the vibration of bliss is endless like the love of Source which is never ending, expansive and limitless.

To me, connection to and work with crystals and plants makes me blissful 🙂  Writing makes me blissful 🙂  Teaching makes me blissful 🙂   How many blissful activities can you think of?  Go ahead and make a list – be sure to do at least one of them every day and when you feel totally unblissed – connect into innocence – become the child and see through her/his eyes.

With Crystal Blisses – Rhosalaria, The Crystal Guru