Fifty Shades of Confusion

Are you Living in a Black and White world?

or embracing the many shades in between?

I was thinking the other day about a situation and really coming up against a wall and just not being able to see through it.  You know the feeling – you’ve tried looking at a problem from all angles and can’t see a solution that makes you and everyone else happy.  The trouble is that life is full of so many twists and turns.  Maybe there seems to be a lack of time for you and time to sort things out.  In fact, sometimes the more you think about things, the worse it gets.  There’s the analysing and over-analysing situations, feelings, thoughts that go on and on . . . before you know it you feel completely frozen and confused.


Making decisions and taking action from a confused state of mind is never a good idea – sometimes it makes things worse and you’ll end up with a haphazard result.  Of course, the idea of writing things down, the pros and cons list is often useful and helpful so that we can really get down to the nitty gritty of the logistics of problem-solving.  However, when we write things down in a list format we might be leaving out one of the most important ingredients involved which is how we feel.  

We are sentient beings.  The most valued and treasured gift we have is our emotions.  We live and learn through our emotions.  Our memories are flooded with feelings and emotions from the past – some amazingly blissful and others full of negativity, guilt, anger, remorse.  Its not good to act and re-act from the ’emotional painbody’ – which is the memory of past hurts and pain and how that feels and how you just never want to go back there.  No – we can choose – choose to be happy, blissful, accepting, open, joyful, living in the moment.  Sometimes we may be presented with a situation that invokes plenty of negative feelings and the urge is to re-act.  The Native Indians called this the Great Smoking Mirror.  Looking into the mirror we may ask what is it in this situation that invokes those feelings?  If it’s a person that annoys you – what is it within YOU that you see reflected in that person?

We are complex beings who have many different archetypes to our personalities – and if we look at this in depth – we might be even more confused.  These archetypes are like pieces of a jigsaw that make us our wonderful unique selves.  The secret is . . to always return to our centre.

beautiful heartOur heart is our centre – from an energy perspective, the heart is the driving life-force of the whole being.  The heart is also the centre of our feeling being.  Simplistically we should always choose what makes us feel joy, contentment, happiness and love for ourselves and others.  Decisions from our heart centre may not be the most logical – but we are following our true feelings, our true self and ultimately for our highest spiritual good.  Very often its the heart centred decisions that seem like the most irrational, the most completely bonkers, off the wall ideas.  We may not even understand why we feel the way we do – and this can be hard to explain to others who are not feeling your heart-centred thoughts and emotions – it can be hard for you and others to trust the process of heart centred decision making – but in my experience, all will be well – ultimately.  All paths lead back to the heart.

Moving into the heart’s energy we may also be aware that therein lies duality – but the secret is to find the true centre of the sacred heart.  Sometimes life is just too complicated and it seems like we cannot find the end of that tangled web – we may need a guiding hand to help us find the end of the tangle and begin to unravel our thoughts and most importantly our deep feelings to find the solutions.  Watch this space for more on this process.

There’s always a solution to every problem – and within every challenge there lies a beautiful golden gift of wisdom and love.  Its simply down to what you choose to feel.  





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