Innocence – Inner-sense

Dreaming is the way our unconscious mind allows us to deeply process buried treasure.

This is why it’s always important when connecting with crystal energies that we perhaps sleep with the crystal under our pillow to see how the crystal works with our unconscious mind through our dreams.

I’d love to share with you a little about one of the dreams I had recently.  When we dream and we feel very emotional, we can be sure that the dream was working on some really profound stuff.  I had that kind of dream recently.  I was wearing my crystal of the moment which is moldavite, as I don’t mind telling you that I’m going through a very transformative phase right now and of course, moldavite crystal is great for this work.

The dream was about being lost inside a very tall building.  I was not alone though, I had with me a young girl, aged about 4 or 5.  The young girl was very knowing, didn’t speak at all – just looked on at everything with a deep sense of wisdom.  I was panicking, knowing I was lost.  Just then, a very lovely man came along and offered to show me the way.  This encounter ended with passion – and I woke to feel quite ecstatic about the whole thing.  My feeling on waking was emotional but I felt a sense of healing for my inner child.

According to psychologists, everything within our dreams represents a part of ourselves.  So the child was part of me, my inner child.  The passionate man, was also me, being proactive, creating solutions, and taking steps to bring me back to wholeness.

My reflections on this dreaming made me feel very healed.  I remember one very wise friend of mine saying that children are just adults in a small body.  This is true.  In fact our children often come to teach us something we have forgotten in order to make all our lives more whole and healed.

I feel we are all born with a golden soul.  The soul of wisdom which we carry throughout all our lifetimes.  Under the age of 7 children are still very connected to the spirit world, the source and their true soul.  Children are full of wisdom.  Often this wisdom is not listened to and not recognised at all.  Children may be told to shut up, to not be silly and not given the time or space to creatively express their true inner thoughts, feelings and wisdom.  Our western society does not, I feel, fully support or value a child’s wisdom through  education and health systems.

child with crystal

It never ceases to amaze me how children are so in touch with their creative imagination when they encounter crystals.  Children just seem to be so totally in tune with crystal – probably because they are still in touch with their true spirit, their own authentic soul – and this connectedness slowly becomes eroded through the more cynical interaction with mundane life. On the Shamanic Medicine Wheel – the south point is often regarded as the place of innocence.  I thought about that word and realised how close its meaning is to ‘inner-sense’.  Innocence is so connected to grace.  A child has no conditioning when he/she looks at a flower for the first time, or encounters an animal – they are just filled with awe, appreciation and wonder at the beauty of life.  Totally at One with their Inner-sensing.  Totally present, in the moment.

In the northern hemisphere we are seasonally at that southern point of the wheel – its a time of admiration for life, nurture, honouring the growth and the fruits of our labours.  It’s a beautiful thing to allow more innocence/inner-sense into our lives.  Allowing ourselves to be present, to flow with innocence and to ‘play’.  To allow means to flow with Grace – and we can all benefit from this Being-ness.  Also, when we connect with grace and innocence we send love to our inner child, we honour the child within.  We become whole and healed.

There are many crystals that help with our inner child and are particularly soft and gentle for our children.  Those crystals are calcites.  Calcites come in all colours – their energy is soft, gentle but incredibly strong and supportive.  Crystals that help us remain in touch with grace I feel are clear quartz, selenite, charoite and sugilite particularly.  But of course, when we connect to any crystal, we are connecting to Source and to the Light, always.

I will write more about healing the inner child and healing for our children too in future posts.  Thank you for reading.  If you like this please share.


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