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Crystal Heart Community

Crystal Heart Community is here! We live in a changing world, where I believe community will have a much bigger role to play than it has done for a long time. In our western societies we have been under the patriarchal yoke of capitalism for a long long time.  The sense of community that once was has slowly dwindled away to a point now where, … Continue reading Crystal Heart Community »

Fifty Shades of Confusion

Are you Living in a Black and White world? or embracing the many shades in between? I was thinking the other day about a situation and really coming up against a wall and just not being able to see through it.  You know the feeling – you’ve tried looking at a problem from all angles and can’t see a solution that makes you and everyone … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Confusion »

Be The Woman You Are

I was thinking about the times we live in and how what is expected of women has really changed. We have come through times of oppression in the Western world and so much work for womens rights was done by the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s.   The womens movement fought really hard for equal rights and equal pay for women and much … Continue reading Be The Woman You Are »

Getting into Alignment

How often do you feel or say ‘my heart’s just not in it?’ What does this really mean to you?  Are we really aware of how much time we probably spend doing things when our ‘heart’s just not in it?’ We’re all beginning to wake up to our full consciousness – a scary and revealing transformative process that brings up many levels of hidden fears, … Continue reading Getting into Alignment »