Getting into Alignment

How often do you feel or say ‘my heart’s just not in it?’

What does this really mean to you?  Are we really aware of how much time we probably spend doing things when our ‘heart’s just not in it?’

We’re all beginning to wake up to our full consciousness – a scary and revealing transformative process that brings up many levels of hidden fears, beliefs, habits for all of us on some level.  Sometimes this may seem overwhelming.  So often what happens is that we have a realisation about ourselves, our lives, our jobs or relationships – a eureka moment! – and we try and vow to change things from now on – and maybe we step up a little into a higher vibration – begin to feel better, then something happens.  Maybe our emotional buttons get pushed.  Someone says something to us that belittles us, or challenges that new sense of self and bam! we’re right back where we started from feeling even worse than before.  And of course we then see ourselves as less than we were before and saying ‘well that didn’t work either.’  – we don’t perhaps realise that this is all part of a much bigger process of stepping into our truth and really living it.  At those rock bottom points we may not realise that we have made progress – society and conditioning teaches us to look at the negative and guess what – energy flows where attention goes.  The more we dwell on the negative the worse it will seem.

So , the first thing to remember in these situations is that something has shifted.  You have learned something – even if it is just that maybe part of the new you wasn’t quite ready – wasn’t quite in alignment with the bigger picture – the bigger YOU.

The best we can do is to start by forgiving ourselves truly – its all part of the plan – so don’t dwell on it, just allow it to be and love yourself for it.  Then begin to look at what you were trying to change.  Write down a statement that sums up that change – read it out loud and observe.  Feel what happens to the energy in your body as you read that statement.  Is there something there that doesn’t ring true?  doesn’t feel right?  maybe some words are clashing with that old sense of self and you need to make some adjustment?  maybe you simply don’t believe what you’ve written.  Where in your body do you feel a resistance to that statement?  thinking

Now, I’m sure you know that you have three brains. No?  We have the brain in our head, which is great for problem solving and retaining memory.  The heart brain  has over 40,000 neuron transmitters which communicate constantly with the mind brain via chemicals such as oxytocin and through electrical impulses through the vagus nerve.  The gut brain has over 100 billion neurons and is our seat of true thinking and feeling  So much of what we do think and say comes from the gut.  Its a primal instinct but even more than that it is the seat of our wisdom.  Which is why if we have a healthy gut we are more likely to have good thinking and feeling responses, that are clear and resonate with our truth.  The gut produces most of the seratonin (the happy hormone) in the body – and so when the gut is not healthy – we are not happy bunnies, acting from our truth.

Now, regarding crystals and energy healing, often we find that the sacral chakra, the base chakra, the solar plexus area is not working in complete balance with the rest of us.  We are mis-aligned.  These areas are more dense in energy and healing may take longer.  This is most often because there are imbalances in the way we think about ourselves but especially some kind of emotional blockage caused by trauma in earlier life or most recent events that have put us out of sync with our true self, the greater energetic blue-print which is the Authentic Self.

So, going back to reading that statement about who we are and who we are going to be or are trying to be – reading it out, where do we feel the resistance,  is it in the mind? the heart? or the gut? – or all three?  Our greater brains – the gut and the heart are trying to tell us something.  It maybe that what we are trying to do or be is simply never going to resonate with us – or it may be that we need to get aligned and perhaps unblock some of those traumas and release some of our old negative baggage.

Crystal energies heal us by making us whole and bringing us back into alignment.  Almost like a soul retrieval – they can help to restore a sense of balance and equilibrium within the all important layers of our emotions and our thoughts.  This is vital whole-healing as since what we perceive to be true and part of our authentic being, begins with a thought and a feeling – whatever we think and feel needs to come from a point of deep spiritual whole-body alignment, otherwise it simply will not work – how can we manifest our true authentic self if what we feel and think is out of alignment? Topaz fine golden crystal

So what crystals might help us?  Topaz crystals can be great for alignment, they are naturally striated and so encourage a sense of flow through the body.  Fluorite helps us to understand our processes and journey towards that inner truth, allowing us to take the steps we need to achieve.   So why not try carrying any kind of topaz and or fluorite around with you and feel what happens.  Personal learning experience is always the best.  Crystal energies heal and support our energy body – the healing can be immense and profound.   If you’d like to learn more about crystal energies and how they can help you be more aligned then click here to find out more.

Perhaps you have some experiences that relate to this.  I welcome your comments.

Gwyneth Robbins-Cox – 7th July 2015


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