Moldavite – To Infinity and Beyond!

  Extra-Terrestrial Inspiration


Here it is, a beautiful bottle green jewel of moldavite.  This strange stone from outer space is not to everyone’s taste.  Some people find that it feels far too ‘out there’, unwieldy, too much fizzing energy to be able to deal with.
However, I feel that because it is a combination of meteorite that has melded with the Earth – it offers a rare opportunity to travel into the far outer reaches of our own creative inspiration and bring it back to our Earthly senses in order for us to assimilate and act upon that information.
Moldavite is very much a crystal of transformation.  If you feel as though you are ready for big changes – then this is your launchpad.  It helps us to see above and beyond all those perceived problems that hold us back at times and keep us chained to the ordinary and mundane.   Moldavite really stimulates the third eye – opening us up to clairvoyance, clairsentience and enabling us to see the real Truth in everything.  This, in itself can be scary – and only perhaps for those who are seeking, those who are willing to truly know themselves and the secrets of existence.  In truth, sometimes wearing moldavite can take us too far into the ‘truth’ of humanity and we may begin to feel despairing at the mess that we’ve made of the Earth.  However, on a positive note – it can help us to be more intuitive and deeply creative in choosing how we wish to live our lives and how to restore a sense of truth and balance.

Moldavite is formed so quickly, some of it became solid as it floated down through the air – therefore it is amorphous – it has no regular inner crystalline shape.  Many people believe that this accounts for its ‘out there’ ever increasing expansive energy.  There appears to be no limits to what moldavite can show us through our perceptions.  Moldavite is a great tool for meditation – taking us deeply into our inner senses.  Moldavite is so called by the way as it has mainly been sourced in Moldavia an old part of the Czech Republic.

As I hold a piece of moldavite in my hand and sense its energy;  moldavite speaks to me.  I immediately see the Earth from a distance and how it is held in a perfect cosmic dance with the other planets in our solar system and the sun and moon and stars.  Everything is perfectly synchronicitous.  I see our beautiful blue/green planet – and sense that all living beings upon the Earth play their part in this huge cosmic dance.  Each being, each person has a role to play – and it is important that we step into that purpose and be in our divinity – moldavite says that we are so much more than we think we are!  Moldavite says that what we thought may just be a dream is in fact the reality and it will help us to unpeel the layers of untruths until our gleaming shining inner being is visible for all to see. We emerge completely authentic – standing in our power – afraid of nothing – willing to change and be the change!  Moldavite will support you through any great changes.

Of course, this is one brief experience – your experience will be unique to you.  I invite you to take the plunge and indulge your senses.

I will say that Moldavite is addictive!  Many people who begin to wear it – just can’t leave it alone and in truth, for some, it may actually help us to feel more ‘at home’ here on planet Earth.

If you love moldavite or feel curious . . take a look at our beautiful cut and polished moldavite heart pendant.

Gwyneth Robbins-Cox, The Crystal Guru – June 2015


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