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Crystal of the Month – Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry quartz is one of the featured crystals in my Find True Love with Crystals course.    This crystal is beautiful – you can see a lovely gemmy version of it pictured here.
Strawberry Quartz

So, what’s my take on strawberry quartz ?  Like many pink crystals, strawberry quartz absolutely pulsates with the Love vibe, however, there’s more to it than meets the eye.  On connecting to it more deeply we find that it helps to illuminate the dark spaces within.  It feels as though it injects a lightness into our senses, uplifting your mood but at the same time  keeping you feet well and truly on the Earth, safe and grounded.

This amazing crystal connects the energies of the higher heart, the heart and the root chakra – so that we can be in that sparkly light, love vibe but here on Earth and not floating around somewhere!
In meditation with strawberry my realisation is that it really helps you to connect to the Source of Love, at a level that you can feel comfortable and at home with.  Strawberry does not overwhelm,  it simply gives us a sense of feeling ‘at home’ in the body, safe and loved.
Strawberry Q has a child-like nature, linking us to our inner child, offering love and light to the wounded small child issues we hold on to and restoring happiness within.  I feel it helps us to recognise the sense of ‘child-like innocence’ that we all have – to remember it and live it.

In my experience and at an even deeper level, strawberry quartz can help us to connect with our deep ancestral threads, the wounds of conditioning where love has been stifled, restricted in our past lives and the lives of our direct ancestors.  When we take on the healing energy of Light and Love deep into our body cells, we change the way we resonate and our DNA is altered. As we change, we alter the cellular memory that is carried within, healing the past and the future of the ancestral line.
Above all, the magic is that Strawberry Q helps enhance the love vibration that you are most comfortable with, whatever your perception of Love  – strawberry quartz will amplify that sense of love, teach you how to accept it and cherish it, sprinkling a little sweetness onto your life!

Strawberry quartz is yummy – just like a bowl of strawberries and cream. . . .
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Gwyneth Robbins-Cox – May 2015


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