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Plants, Crystals and Edenic States

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Sometime last year, Holly Paige asked me if I was interested in her new project Edenic States.


In fact, it was a random meeting outside the house where I used to live.  I had just driven home and saw Holly on the other side of the road.  We hadn’t talked for quite a while but when we started talking about energies, being able to perceive a better, higher vibrant way of living that we had both experienced – we were very excited.  It was as if we had been pulled together to discuss this symbiotic resonance, and take action!


We have put together a retreat on one of the beautiful islands in the Azores.  The choice of this place is obvious – the total natural beauty, the opportunity to connect with nature, the Earth and Mother Gaia.  I’m really excited about this project and for me it’s a culmination of some of the treasures I have been working on for years, and the opportunity to share with you.


I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Holly.  Her amazing knowledge of working with earth energies, raw food and entheogenic nutrition is astounding.  So, I just thought I would write a little about my part in Edenic States.


The way I see the world is as pure energy.  We are energetic beings of Light, our physical bodies being just the denser part of Light that we can feel as being solid.  But there is so much more going on. To me, the Universe works on the laws of attraction and magnetism – not force.   We have the abilities to be able to move particles with our heart/mind should we choose to.  We have an amazing gift to be able to manifest a state of beingness that is pure paradise and its all through working with ourselves on a purely energetic level.


For sure, whatever we ingest physically is going to really change us at a cellular level.  We are what we eat, that is very true.  Eating raw, living foods is a healing process, clearing and releasing the conditioning of lifetimes – clearing and healing at a soul level.


So what about the plants and crystals.  Crystals drew my attention many years ago when I first travelled to Glastonbury, I realised that they were emitting some kind of energy that was drawing me to them for a particular issue that was bugging me in my life at that time.   I bought two, citrine and green calcite and sat them on my coffee table at home.  I would pick them up and wonder why I had chosen them – I liked holding them. Then major things began to shift in my life.  Some of it was painful but needed.  Healing was taking place on all levels of my being.


I love crystals for their ability to heal emotionally, but because we are whole beings – crystals will heal innately on all levels.  A word here about ‘healing’.  Healing to me, is just being made ‘whole’.  Our body has the ability to heal itself,  but sometimes we need a little help.  This help for me comes in the form of crystals, plants and raw living foods.


I continued my interest in crystals and became a Crystal Healer.  I now teach many on line courses and a two year Professional Diploma.  You can see more about that at: www.mycrystalguru.com  You can read more about my crystal story there too.


I have always loved plants.  I just absolutely love the seasons, the way the Earth and nature is continually re-creating itself, the cycles of death and re-birth.  In 2010 I met with herbalist and Plant Communication teacher Pam Montgomery.  Her approach to working with plants is amazing!  I experienced her Greenbreath workshop – and I have to say this was another one of those moments where huge shifts took place and deep insights into Nature, the plants and how they heal us occurred.

On that first meeting with Pam, I communicated with Teasel.  Teasel had called me to ask me to be strong within, to stand up for my beliefs and to look inwards to find my own wisdom.  I later had a very strong emotional connection to Comfrey.  Comfrey healed me of my past emotional wounds.  Those deep inner scars of sadness.  During a shamanic journey with comfrey, I saw myself dancing with the spirit of the plant and it took me to an amazingly ecstatic place.


I can say that Plant Communication is a process of again listening and being drawn to the plant that wants to work with you for your highest good and healing.  Plants will send out their signals to us.  We are all One, the plants are sentient beings just as we are and when we are grounded and centred and open hearted – we can hear/see/feel their energies and what their spirit deva has to say to us.   Once a connection has been made with a plant spirit, it will never leave us.  Just the same with crystal, once the energy dialogue has taken place – the energy memory is stored in the cells of our body.  We become changed, transformed by this energy exchange.


During our retreats I want to work with the plants and crystals with you through plant spirit communication and release work, through connections to crystals, crystal healing, crystal journeying and creating mandalas.  This work is never the same – the spirit devas of plants and crystals always have their surprises – working with them is a lifetimes dedication, there is so much to learn!


As we raise our levels of consciousness – so we can meet the symbiotic level of consciousness within nature.  Nature has already accelerated and raised its vibration and is fully conscious – we just need to catch up – and that is what Edenic States is here to help us do.  Paradise awaits.  For more information please go to Holly’s site here

Gwyneth Robbins-Cox May 2015

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