A Journey with Aquamarine

Journey with Aquamarine 

During our class attunements, I always enjoy revisiting the energies of crystals.
They are always offering some new insights and often some personal healing too.
I always tell my students that sometimes we do not connect so deeply to a
particular crystal perhaps because our personal energy is not so receptive to
that energy at the time, but to return to these crystals because sure enough
there will be some deep insights to come. Sometimes it maybe that we have a
slight resistance to what the crystal might be showing us, and sometimes it is
just that we are not very ‘open’ to it at the time. So recently I taught two
classes and during both there was an opportunity to connect once more with
aquamarine. I love the beauty of aquamarine and I have a very lovely piece that
I use for healing purposes which shows its natural hexagonal formation and is a
wonderful deep aqua blue. What follows is a connection to that crystal. If you
have a piece of aquamarine you may wish to hold it and connect in as you read
‘I would like to take you on a journey – a journey of light. Holding the aquamarine
up to your heart, opening your hearts senses to the energies of the crystal.
Closing your eyes and beginning to sense the energy. Immediately I feel a beam
of light moving from the crystal at the heart space downwards to the Earth Star
beneath the feet, connecting all the chakras from the heart to the Earth. I feel
anchored in Mother Earth’s love, stable and secure. Another beam of light
begins to move upwards from the heart up through the Higher heart and I feel
like this area is opened and shining like a beautiful pearl. Then upwards towards
the throat chakra- a real tingling feeling of healing energy here as the area is
bathed with light energy. I am happy in this illumination of aquamarine – just
feeling the energy and I smile to myself. Then after a minute or two the beam
of light begins to move upwards and upwards through the crown and out into the
cosmos. Still connected to all my chakras, I feel as though I am connected to
the Light Source and aquamarine speaks to me ‘ I am beyond all understanding
of words – of what you call language – I belong to the ancient language of Light.’
And then I remember some years ago being told about the Language of Light –
as part of some Aura Soma training it is one of the languages that was lost. As
I remember this I begin to feel a connectedness to everything. That all life is
simply Light and that I am infinitely connected to that as is all life within the
cosmos – wow! I see, feel and understand that life is an interconnected network
of energy – so simple and yet so complex. Each thought, each word, each action
. . . .continued
A gentle ripple of change – Light is the connection between us all. I had the
feeling that I wanted this to go on and on . . . And yet at the same time, had a
sense that there was just so much more – in this connection was contained the
utter simplicity and purity of light and energy and yet the great awesome potential
of it all. The Light has no judgement, it is pure and simple yet powerful
– Light is Love. It feels as though that was the essence of what I was
being shown . . The potential of human beings and the amazing healing potential
of energy – the language of Light. The potential of Love that is within us
A couple of years ago during one of our School days we did some work investigating
Michael Gienger’s analogies of different ‘lifestyle personalities’ relating
to crystal shapes. He writes ‘Your thinking processes are clear and
analytical. You are quick on the uptake and are very motivated.’ ‘The positive
development of the hexagonal lifestyle begins with the simple principle – do as
you say!’ He also talk about this lifestyle being one of too much single mindedness,
too much singular goal motivation, to the obscurity of other potential
avenues of possibility. I began to wonder if this is what aquamarine was
showing me. That yes, we can feel that energy of aquamarine to be direct in
our actions, our thoughts, our insights, creating synchronicity – but surely it
is the connection to the whole that creates such synchronicty – being in the
right place at the right time, saying the right words – meeting the right people.
We live in a world where we are taught to be individuals above anything
else. Perhaps now it is time to honour the language of Light and Love – the
synchronicity of energy that surrounds us all – when we open to potential we
open to the flow of magic.
I wish you all Love, Light and Peace in this moment in the future to come.


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