Be The Woman You Are

I was thinking about the times we live in and how what is expected of women has really changed.

We have come through times of oppression in the Western world and so much work for womens rights was done by the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s.   The womens movement fought really hard for equal rights and equal pay for women and much has been achieved since those times.  For many women now the ‘glass ceiling’ no longer exists and at work at least many of us can enjoy equality of respect, opportunity and pay.  We have undergone a sexual revolution too –  women can feel free with their own sexuality and desires without double standards and repression.
Has all this come at a price?   Many women still feel the residues of old patterns and conditions left from our mothers and grandmothers, the rights and wrongs of how a woman should behave and where her place is in society.  Men too, may be equally confused at times.  Lets face it, men used to be the protectors, the bread-winners – where do they fit into relationship with the modern emancipated woman?  Men can feel very intimidated by the modern go-getting woman who has her own income, and her own business – how are they to assert their protective instinct and heir conditioning to provide when its clearly not needed? – a modern woman can take care of herself!  Even those of us who have been single mothers and been through periods of struggle may sometimes wonder – do we really need a man in our lives?

woman at work

Where does this leave modern day relationships?

I feel that these days what is needed in a relationship is first and foremost emotional equality – that is opening our hearts to each other – being completely open and honest.  Seeking the divinity within each other is very important.  We are not just a couple, two people, man and woman.  We are much more than that. Feeling the unconditional divine love that can flow between two people when they are open and in tune with each other and themselves is the ultimate ecstatic experience.  Now is a time when gender differences can be transcended and to seek the absolute divinity in your partner is important – spiritual love is where its at.

What attracts this kind of love?

First and foremost I believe that deep self love attracts this kind of total spiritual love.   A man wants a woman to be a woman who is in touch with her feelings and her heart. A woman who really knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. A woman who is open and accepting of her own vulnerability and fragility, and not afraid to show it and express it.  A woman who truly loves all her curves, her many moods and her creativity. A woman who can be assertive and know what she wants and to go out and get it – but still be soft, gentle and feminine at heart.  We can be all of this and more.  We don’t need to exchange feminism for femininity.  We don’t need to feel that we have to do everything – we need to perhaps soften sometimes and allow – allow our man/partner to help, to provide, to bring his strength and dynamic to the relationship we’re in.  Its all about resonation – two halves make a whole.  Two divine sparks become ONE – and in wholeness we are centred in the heart of hearts – truly aligned with divine light and love.  There is so much more I could say here and I invite you to comment below.
So ladies, Be the super woman you are, be a real woman, open your heart, love and appreciate who and what you are deeply . . . and you will attract the man who is truly your other half!  

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Gwyneth Robbins-Cox – July 2015


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