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We live in a changing world, where I believe community will have a much bigger role to play than it has done for a long

In our western societies we have been under the patriarchal yoke of capitalism for a long long time.  The sense of community that once was has slowly dwindled away to a point now where, for some of us, even if we live in close proximity with other families – we don’t know who they are, there is no interaction.  People are almost, at times afraid to make contact with others let alone form a strong community and really take care of others.  We have been fed much fear from the media through horror stories portrayed on TV and news media that keep us in a state of cynicism almost about being too close to others, getting to know them – let alone actually ‘care’ or have any social contact with.   We have lost the essence of trust and common love for each other.

I am always an optimist and I know that there is an underlying trend now, as many of us move away from the domineering exclusive elitist realms of patriarchal paradigms, that a return to inclusiveness, compassion, nurturing community is returning.  This is a movement that is run for the people by the people.  In any case, aside from the politics . . .

Crystal Heart school has existed since 2008 and at first I thought that I would create a page on facebook to promote all graduates in their work/courses talks etc.  But I would like to extend that outwards into the world.  The idea here is that we all stand together as Crystal Healers and work together to promote crystal healing in the world.  We know that crystal healing works but it has long had an image perhaps as being ‘flaky’ or ‘weird’.  This is borne out of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that people have about how crystal healing works.  Crystal healers know how transformative and deeply profound crystal and energy can be when applied correctly and intuitively.

We have been moving into an age where people need knowledge and information about alternatives for a long time.   Now is the time for us to push forwards as the world is becoming more and more conscious and aware to the benefits of crystals, plants and all vibrational energies.  We are, after all, energy beings ourselves – the energy we put out universally is what we receive back.  So lets spread the love of crystals and energy healing together.

Please take a look at our page on facebook.  – plus take a look here at our Community Page right here on the site.  This page is still under development and many more practitioners names will be added soon.  All the contributors and practitioners listed have completed two year Professional diploma courses in crystal healing and hold public liability insurance to practice.

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