Crystal Palmstones

What do you do with a crystal palm stone?

Crystal palm stones come in a variety of different crystal types.  They are beautifully shaped and fit into the palm of your hand very snugly. (hence the name)
Palm Stone - Rhodenite

Rhodonite Palm Stone – safety, love, grounding


As they feel so comfortable in the hand, this makes them very good to meditate with.  Especially this one pictured here, rhodonite –  which radiates a sense of love, groundedness and safety.  Meditating with a crystal will enhance the visual nature of your meditation and help you to connect deeply to your inner self.  Perhaps bringing about some deep insights and answers to a problem or bringing some much needed healing to you.

Aura Massage

The very first palm stone I worked with was a beautiful piece of pale green fluorite with a lovely streak of purple through it.  I began to use it in my crystal healing practice to massage the aura when I felt that the aura needed the energies of fluorite.  I quickly found that this was very beneficial to clients.  Why not try this out for yourself.  An aura massage is gentle and soothing, protective for the aura and will bring the healing energy of the particular crystal you use to the client softly but profoundly.

How to do an Aura Massage with a palm stone

  • First of all make sure that your ‘client’ is comfortable lying down on the floor covered with a blanket.  Make sure that your palm stone crystal is clean.
  • Sit to the side of your clients body and ground and centre yourself fully.  Open yourself to be a channel for the very highest healing light and energy.  Visualise yourself in a protective bubble.
  • Using your palm stone, begin to trace the outline of a protective bubble around the clients aura – starting at their left foot and moving around the body anti-clockwise three times.  This creates a safe and sacred space around the client’s aura for your work.
  • Starting at the clients head and at least 3 inches above their body (in their auric body), begin to use soft and gentle, slow movements through the aura.
  • Move the palm stone gentle with your hand.  Be intuitive and remember that although you are working within the aura – that your client can feel and is aware of your movements.
  • Move the crystal gently in wave like soft strokes always downwards through the auric body towards the feet.  NEVER STROKE UPWARDS, NEVER MAKE STABBING MOVEMENTS OR STROKE TOO FAST.
  • Remember that this is a massage – and therefore is gentle.
  • Make sure you are connected energetically with the client’s energy and be attentive and intuitive towards their feelings.
  • After 15 minutes of massage place the palm stone away from the client ready for cleansing afterwards.
  • Ground your client gently by sitting facing their feet and stroking their legs from the knees downwards gently but firmly several times.  Ask them how they feel and offer them some water.  Allow them to get up in their own time.
  • Cleanse your crystal with water, sound or smudge.

Be aware of crystal energy

Of course, its essential that you’re familiar with the energy of the crystal palm stone you are using.  Never practice anything on a person who is ill, frail, has a pacemaker or hearing aid, has cancer or is pregnant.

We have a variety of lovely palm stones available on the site right now including rose quartz, green aventurine, rhodonite, black obsidian, carnelian, dumortierite, clear quartz, strawberry quartz, mahogany obsidian, sodalite, blue tigers eye and golden tigers eye.  Take a look at them here.

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  1. Eunice

    A beautiful and easy to follow instruction for a lovely aura massage. Thank you Gwyneth you are so intuitive and sensitive…Blessed be xxx

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