Edenic States of Ecstasy

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Can we live in a state of ecstasy in the modern world?

The answer to this is yes – yes – yes!  There is so much to explore here energetically – why? because being ecstatic and feeling ecstatic is our birth-right and how we are meant to be!

To feel ecstatic – so blissed out, so connected to life and to nature is surely our birth-right.  It is after all how we are intended  to be and to feel a sense of bliss and love.  We have a longtime search for that ecstatic state of bliss we long for.

So how can we live in ecstasy when the modern world seems at times to be so corrupt, so disappointing, so painful and frustrating?   What do you feel when you first wake up each morning?  Do you feel anxiety and panic about the events of the day ahead?  or do you feel grateful for the morning light, the sleep you have woken from, your warm bed?  Living in ecstasy may be a state of mind – a choice, but I feel we need to look deeper into our psyche and our Earth connections to rediscover our true ability to be ecstatic.

Living ecstatically is simple.  It is essentially being so grounded, so completely in body, earthed and PRESENT that we have no need to look outside of ourselves.  It’s feeling utter contentment with what we have and our surroundings.  But how can we achieve this in our modern lives when we have jobs to go to and have to deal with the many myriad forms of stress that life throws at us every day?  Even if we achieve that sense of ecstatic bliss it may only be for a fleeting moment and then its gone and overtaken by something we need to do, dealing with other people, distractions, distractions, distractions. . . .

We are human animals, living on the Earth.  Do you feel a part of the Earth or separate somehow?  I like to think of the Earth as a living Being and as such, all parts of the Earth belong to that One Energy of Living Ecstasy.  So that we as human beings are part of that living ecstatic vibration as are all the plants, trees, rocks, crystals, insects, birds, animals.  We are continuously and infinitely connected to the Earth through our memories, in our DNA and the conditioning passed down from our ancestors. Modern life seeks to separate us from our true state of one-ness with the Earth.  We have long forgotten the pathways of our ancestors, the rhythm of the land and the medicine of eating a natural diet.

Working with the energies of crystals and plants has shown me over and over how much we need to take in the Earth energies around us – to be present and look to the wisdom of what Earth provides us with.  Nature provides an abundance of everything we need.  Plants and crystals are sentient beings that are here to help us become whole and balanced, to realise our potential and live in a state of ecstasy.

Plants and crystals were here so long ago, before the historical understanding of our existence.  Many of us have a cellular memory of the wisdom of plants and crystals that resides within us.  How can we live separately from Earth wisdom? We can’t.  Two years ago I was shown a vision after ingesting some very potent wheatgrass juice.  I initially felt sick but then felt the urge to go outside and sit down on the grass to connect with the Earth physically.  I closed my eyes and received insightful visions from the spirit of wheatgrass.  In this beautiful vision, I could see a wonderful bright green mirror and if you stepped up to that mirror you could actually walk through it into the most amazingly beautiful green paradise.  Through this mirror, there was no suffering and only harmony, love and balance.  Its the paradisical idealism that humankind has always been seeking. . . wheatgrass was showing me what was possible, the dream, the reality.

Separation creates sadness, depression, alienation, addictions to drugs and other substances.  We don’t need to be separate only reconnect with our natural surroundings.

We are all on our journeys home.   I believe that we can live in paradise on Earth.  I am proud to be working with Holly Paige, famed raw vegetarian nutrition guru and Jolita Yamuna natural yoga flow expert and I have put together a most amazing retreat for you to enjoy from 25th September to 1st October 2016 in Tepoztlan, Mexico at the Weriko Centre.   This 7 day retreat will offer you the space to enjoy and immerse yourself in the beautiful natural surroundings.  Accommodation and food is included plus teachings and workshops in yoga flow, entheagenic nutrition, plant spirit communication, crystal healing, natural astrology.  Indulgence also in massage and healing and local excursions.  Through this experiential seven days of bliss, you will be able to reconnect to Earth, to realise your full potential, to receive deep insights, to release, let go of what is false and illusion.  We are here to show you the mirror of reality and it is truly beautiful!  Take a look at the details here

We look forward to welcoming you on our retreat and showing you how you may begin to connect more deeply to the Earth and live in Edenic States.




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