The Cosmic Dance

Circles and Cycles

Life is indeed a circle.  From birth to adulthood to old age and death and rebirth – there is a satisfaction and reassurance from the circles within our lives.  So much depends upon it.


Time itself is curved and not linear.  Have you experienced that feeling you get when you seem to be revisiting old thoughts, feelings, places that maybe you’d not thought of for years and years?  Life is not just round but is a spiralling energy that holds us in an ever ascending journey towards knowing our true soul self and that connection to the Divine source, Goddess, God, Prime creator.

The spiral of life’s journey is so simple in its essence and it’s very reassuring for us to feel the turning of the seasons, the rising of the moon and the sun each day – the cycles of the moon itself.  All perfectly held in a great cosmic dance.

Sometimes we may feel regret that we’ve missed opportunities to manifest our dreams and that something has been lost forever and can never be regained.  But what if we just look at these regrets from a different perspective.  It may not have been the right time for us to experience a particular dream and bring it into the manifested form that we desired at that time – but due to that circular nature of nature itself – nothing is ever lost – only altered slightly and ‘fine tuned.’  Have you ever heard that saying that ‘all paths lead to the centre’? spiral-crop

This is so true.  We may step onto the pathway of our dreams only to find that we are side-tracked and appear to be going in a different direction.  However, if we stop to think about those dreams – there will always be a core thread and its that thread which leads us back to the centre, back to the heart.   Our dreams change over the years as we grow personally and spiritually, but the thread of our heart felt passion is the key.

The Autumn Equinox is a turning point and we have the opportunity to revisit old dreams and recreate them at the full moon eclipse occurring NOW!  The full moon, and this one is not only a supermoon, but also an eclipse. A full moon is a great time to tune into moonstone crystal which can really help us link into our inner psyche – see the bigger picture and help us restore our inner sense of trust that we are on the right pathway.   Moonstone will also give us clarity on the visioning of our dreams and goals.  So, perhaps if something in your life is not working for you – then meditate and ask for the clarity and vision to see what needs to change. Trust is the key – trusting what we sense and what we feel deeply within.  Nothing is ever lost, only altered slightly.  There is always opportunity for change and for renewal and regeneration.  Have trust and faith in the spiral of life – and know that if you feel you have ‘been here before’ – you most certainly have.  Remember, along with the Earth, the Moon, the sun and the stars – we are all part of that great cosmic dance and the wisdom and love of Divine Source is the thread that connects all within that spiral dance.

To learn more about the cycles and circles of life visit Gaias Earth Medicine – it a journey worth taking.


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