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Crystal Heart Community

Crystal Heart Community is here! We live in a changing world, where I believe community will have a much bigger role to play than it has done for a long time. In our western societies we have been under the patriarchal yoke of capitalism for a long long time.  The sense of community that once was has slowly dwindled away to a point now where, … Continue reading Crystal Heart Community »

Crystal Palmstones

What do you do with a crystal palm stone? Crystal palm stones come in a variety of different crystal types.  They are beautifully shaped and fit into the palm of your hand very snugly. (hence the name)   As they feel so comfortable in the hand, this makes them very good to meditate with.  Especially this one pictured here, rhodonite –  which radiates a sense … Continue reading Crystal Palmstones »

Digging for Gold

The essence of Transformation – is the process of digging for gold deep within the Soul.   All of my blog posts are inspired by my own experiences and life processes.  Therefore, I invite you to read on if you seek some resonance here I’ve been going through a massive journey of transformation this year which has been immensely challenging in many ways and at times … Continue reading Digging for Gold »

Innocence – Inner-sense

Dreaming is the way our unconscious mind allows us to deeply process buried treasure. This is why it’s always important when connecting with crystal energies that we perhaps sleep with the crystal under our pillow to see how the crystal works with our unconscious mind through our dreams. I’d love to share with you a little about one of the dreams I had recently.  When … Continue reading Innocence – Inner-sense »