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Your Archetype – A Sense of Belonging

One of the most important needs for us as human beings is that we have a strong sense of belonging. Before you get bored and think that this is another one of those boring psychology articles – I invite you to stop, ground, centre and look within yourself.  Ask yourself the question, ‘Do I belong here?’  ‘How safe and secure do I feel?’   – … Continue reading Your Archetype – A Sense of Belonging »

Digging for Gold

The essence of Transformation – is the process of digging for gold deep within the Soul.   All of my blog posts are inspired by my own experiences and life processes.  Therefore, I invite you to read on if you seek some resonance here I’ve been going through a massive journey of transformation this year which has been immensely challenging in many ways and at times … Continue reading Digging for Gold »