There is No Separation

I have never before experienced such a profound period of change and transformation as now.  There has never been a more poignant time to step into reality as now – in fact, I believe it is essential to our humanity and our mother2

I certainly don’t want to go into doom-mongering here and rattle on about all the absurdities in the world right now – but hey, lets face it – everything feels like its turning upside down doesn’t it?  We are now experiencing the ‘human condition’ big time, the disparity between being conscious and being completely unconscious.  When I look at some of the ‘world leaders’ today, I wonder where their centre of consciousness is at.

I know that we all have our own opinions and ways of viewing the world but the politics of the world seems to be grossly out of step with the true reality of the world – Earth – Nature.  Where is the compassion?  We seem to be living in a reality that creates and exacerbates exclusion, alienation and fear.  I refer of course primarily to the Brexit referendum here in the UK which has split the inhabitants of our Great Britain asunder and left many people grieving, fearful and feeling alienated as immigrants and EU citizens.

Yesterday, I awoke with a feeling that we need to embrace the changes in our political world, realise that politics does not in fact work and look inwardly to ourselves and to the energy of the Motherworld which is Gaia – to widen our doors of perception and to realise that the 3D paradigm in which we live is merely a tiny fraction of the beautiful natural reality which is out there and ours to embrace.

How can we compare the reality of shopping in a supermarket for vegetables and fruit – walking through a sterile row by row array of produce and the beauty of walking through nature, sitting on the Earth, feeling the ground beneath our bare feet and picking fruit from the trees.  Getting our hands into the Earth, listening to bird song, planting seeds and watching them grow.


Let me explain.  We are still experiencing for the most part the 3D world – nature, on the other hand, has elevated into a higher dimension and this is why, I believe, we feel so much more connected when we are in nature and engaging with the Earth.  The natural world, that is, the trees, the animals, birds, insects, fungi, plants are all living in a very connected web of ecstatic communication.  We are part of this web, however, our perceptual abilities are, for the majority of the time in this third dimensional way of living, closed down – or at least, running on a third of the level of consciousness it could be.

We all know that a deeper level of perception exists.  We have all had those fleeting moments, the experience of stepping into a greater level of conscious feeling, seeing and knowing.  This may occur during deep meditation but also perhaps when we are involved in creativity, sexual intimacy and engaging with Nature.  In these moments we feel free, our consciousness is expanded and we feel, experience and know the very infinity of life itself.  We are able to experience the Light of Source, of Goddess/God in all Living things.

Nature, whether it’s a desert full of sand and rocks or a lush green forest of tall trees and undergrowth is the reality from which we all come from and to which we return.

We are all being called urgently to consciousness – there has never been a more urgent time to WAKE UP!  If we continue to involve ourselves in the political machinations of the spin doctors, the lies of those who are holding the economic reigns in the world – buying into big pharma, the sugar industry – we are perpetuating the sickness of our own human condition.

I see this sickness as being catalyst – a kind of spring board into something new and infinitely more beautiful that anything we have ever lived for more than just a few minutes.  I believe this because I know that we are not meant to suffer – the suffering is of our own making or our own resistance.  We must surrender to the greater perception of reality and begin to live from a point of greater consciousness.

This includes living in a more meditative way.  Being conscious of our thoughts and feelings.  Having reverence and compassion for the greater reality which is nature.  Working consciously with an expanded vision of what is real without buying into the time wasting warped reality of politics.  We can do this and change the world we live in by making conscious choices about where we buy our goods, our food, what we eat and how we eat.  We can be more conscious through meditating with the Earth’s great timekeepers,  the crystals – and by listening to the trees, the plants, the Earth itself.  Through nature we become nurturers, compassionate loving beings who work in co-creation with the Earth and all the beings upon the Earth.  This is the essence of community.  Community is not just between us as humans, but communing with the Earth, primarily and the natural world, which we so often see as being not a part of us but separate.

Our ancestors knew all these things.  Somehow, the knowledge became lost through the immense surge of patriarchal society.  Its time to return to the Motherworld – to nature, to Her realm which is the only One true reality.  Only we, as humans can separate our perception from nature and by doing so, we live the sickness of the human condition – by opening up to the wider doors of perception, the reality and beauty that is all around us – we begin to heal ourselves and step into the greater human condition that is boundless and infinite.

I urge you to wake up and begin to change your lifestyle to one that communes with the sensual world of Gaia on a daily basis.  Meditate, really look with a wider perception at nature, feel the earth beneath your feet, watch the rising and setting of the sun and allow yourself to breathe in the full reality of nature.  Nature brings us into alignment with the true reality of Life, which is the sensual world on Light and Love.

I will write more on this subject in the coming weeks and explore more of how opening up to a wider sense of perception can heal us.

With Light, Namaste, Blessed Be

Gwyneth Robbins-Cox June 2016

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