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claw set turquoise pendant (large)

Turquoise jewellery from the Sleeping Beauty mines in Arizona

Turquoise is one of my favourite gemstones – I have so many! – but really turquoise ticks so many boxes for personal transformation and healing as well as being a gemstone I return to over and over during crystal healing sessions.

The first time I attuned to turquoise, I felt as though I was returning to a previous existence, a past life as a Native American.  Through the connection to this beautiful crystal, I could sense the vastness of the skies, hear the eagles call and really breathe in the clear air.  I saw vistas of mountains and lakes – a landscape that I had never seen in this lifetime.

Inspired by this connection, I later experimented with helping someone else journey back through time, the person was laid on an orange cloth and surrounded with a grid of turquoise.  It was very interesting as they too had visions of a past life – a dream like state.

There’s so much more to turquoise though than perhaps visiting a past life connection.  Turquoise creates a doorway into the true heart.  It helps us to release emotions that no longer serve us, especially when combined with rose quartz.  Very often people sense the element of water – the vastness of oceans when connecting with the energies of turquoise.  For me, this sense of vastness is a kind of collective consciousness – it helps us to see and to feel that everything on this Earth and the Universe is energetically connected, particularly through our emotions.  Through this vast connection to the collective consciousness we feel inspired to express ourselves through turquoise the true feelings from our heart.  Often this may take the form of speaking, singing, sounding, creating some kind of artwork or something amazingly new and innovative.

Turquoise pushes the boundaries of our creative selves – if we allow ourselves to flow with it.  The ideas we may never have seemed possible suddenly become real and we are inspired to carry it through to express our heartfelt creations.  Of course, turquoise has so many connections to past existences – Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, native America, China, as well as communication with the Ancient keepers of the oceans, the whales, dolphins and turtles.

In ancient Egypt, turquoise was revered as being a stone of Hathor, the Goddess of fertility, birth and life itself!  She was known as the lady of turquoise – to wear Her sacred stone is to honour her love of life and to ask for safe passage into the afterlife.  Turquoise has an element of fun, upliftment and playfulness about it – Hathor is a Goddess of laughter and good times also . . . the vibrant energy of exuberance and vitality.

Turquoise can be found in many places in the world – we find it in the UK particularly in Cornwall – often quite pale and chalky looking.  Turquoise is not a very hard gemstone and often it is broken down and reformed in clumps to make one larger nugget.  Often coated to make it more durable when used for jewellery.  Other places where one can find turquoise is in Mexico, South America, North America, China and in Africa a particularly green/blue variety of turquoise can be found.  Sometimes, what is sold as African turquoise is actually a type of jasper and not real turquoise.  Real turquoise has a soft quality to it – jasper is a type of micro crystalline quartz with a hardness of 7 on the Moh’s scale.  Below is an example of African Turquoise.  The energy though is very similar to other turquoise – except that, in my opinion, it is not so visionary – but certainly has the uplifting qualities of other pieces.

african turquoise-500x500

We are lucky enough to have some beautiful pieces of turquoise silver jewellery in stock that come from the famed Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona, USA.  You can view it here.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments on the energy of turquoise, please comment or share.

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