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Be The Woman You Are

I was thinking about the times we live in and how what is expected of women has really changed. We have come through times of oppression in the Western world and so much work for womens rights was done by the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s.   The womens movement fought really hard for equal rights and equal pay for women and much … Continue reading Be The Woman You Are »

Moldavite – To Infinity and Beyond!

  Extra-Terrestrial Inspiration Here it is, a beautiful bottle green jewel of moldavite.  This strange stone from outer space is not to everyone’s taste.  Some people find that it feels far too ‘out there’, unwieldy, too much fizzing energy to be able to deal with. However, I feel that because it is a combination of meteorite that has melded with the Earth – it offers … Continue reading Moldavite – To Infinity and Beyond! »

Strawberry Sweet

Crystal of the Month – Strawberry Quartz Strawberry quartz is one of the featured crystals in my Find True Love with Crystals course.    This crystal is beautiful – you can see a lovely gemmy version of it pictured here. So, what’s my take on strawberry quartz ?  Like many pink crystals, strawberry quartz absolutely pulsates with the Love vibe, however, there’s more to it … Continue reading Strawberry Sweet »

A Journey with Aquamarine

Journey with Aquamarine  During our class attunements, I always enjoy revisiting the energies of crystals. They are always offering some new insights and often some personal healing too. I always tell my students that sometimes we do not connect so deeply to a particular crystal perhaps because our personal energy is not so receptive to that energy at the time, but to return to these … Continue reading A Journey with Aquamarine »