How To Find True Love With Crystals

Are You Looking for Love?

In this complex and busy world we live in, are you finding it hard to attract that ONE special person?

The ONE person that makes your heart beat faster
The ONE who understands and accepts the whole of you implicitly
The ONE you can talk to for hours on end
The ONE who just wants to please you because it makes them happy to see you happy…

Believe me, I was searching for Mr Right for many years before I found him, so I understand how it feels to be disappointed by stymied relationships, the feelings of aloneness and feeling disconnected.

Are you ready to let go of the single life and be swept off your feet by Your One True Love?

Then look no further. I’ve put together an amazing package just for you. You may have already heard how crystals changed my life and change the lives of my clients. I want to share that gift with you now and show you How to find true Love with Crystals.Couple-holding-hands-on-the-beach

My gift of Love to You:

90 days guidance to clear those love blocks and find the ONE

Your Find Love in 90 Days course will comprise of

  • A pack of 5 beautiful crystals with full instructions on how to use them to help you call in your love. Your crystals will be shipped to you wherever you are in the world, with no postage costs to pay.
  • A wonderful 30 minute guided meditation written and recorded by myself to help you transform yourself, clear blocks and be open to your new love.
  • Lifetime membership of a private Facebook group ‘Finding Love With Crystals’ – so you can share your successes and reflections with others and get even more support.
  • PLUS various options of one to one Skype calls with me, The Crystal Guru, to help guide you through your process and get you ready to meet Your ONE.
  • PLUS – a special bonus gift E-book  ‘The Art of Dating -tips to boost your confidence for successful dating’
How much is finding the Love of Your Life worth to you?

Option 1

Crystals, Instruction guide, Guided meditation MP3, private facebook group membership plus bonus gift.   No skype calls.  £300


Option 2

Crystals, Instruction guide, Guided meditation MP3, private facebook group membership.
Plus 3 x 30 minute skype calls and bonus gift.  £300.

Option 3

Crystals, Instruction guide, Guided meditation MP3, private  facebook group membership.
Plus 6 x 30 minute skype calls and bonus gift. £500.


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