My Service of Love

Are you feeling disconnected?  Alone?  Do You Need Some Guidance and Healing?  

Then please read on, and know that I’m here for you . . . as my service of Love to you.

I’ve experienced many times of crisis in my life and you know that each challenge we encounter, although difficult and painful that may be . . . it will pass.   Not only that, although it may feel as though we’re isolated in our pain – we are never alone.

As human beings we experience pain as grief.  Grief is the base emotion which underlies us all, we perceive that we are alone and isolated, separated.  Let me tell you, YOU ARE LOVED – YOU ARE FREE.
The Universe/Source/God/Goddess never gives us anything we can’t handle.  it’s just that sometimes, we need a little guidance on the way to help us through and to illuminate the pathway ahead.
I’m here to offer you guidance through Soul Channelling and to help mentor you through your bad patches.  Mentorship may include distance healing with crystals or simply a Soul Channelled Reading to guide you.  If you’d like me to help you, please contact me here.

With love and kindness,