Learn Crystal Healing – mini course

Would you like learn the secrets of Crystal Healing?

I’ve been training people to become Professional Crystal Healers with an accredited course for the past ten years.  I’ve met and trained some fantastic healers who are now part of Crystal Heart Community promoting the correct use of crystals for healing in the world.  My aim is always to guide my students to become confident, intuitive healers using their innate skills and their passion for crystals.  

My two year Professional Crystal Healing Diploma is very popular but now I can reach so many more people via my Online Crystal Healing Practitioner Certificate which contains the exact same core curriculum of study as the diploma course.  

Maybe you’ve seen my Crystal Healing course but don’t want to commit to it right now, maybe you’ve got loads of crystals and read a few books but want to know a little more about how to apply crystals for healing properly and maybe you’d just like to dip your toe into the water and find out what it’s all about so I’ve created my Learn Crystal Healing mini course especially for you.  This is an experiential mini course and does not offer Crystal Healing Diploma Certification.  Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Notes and audio on how to energetically prepare for healing practice
  • How to attune to/sense crystal energies successfully with mp3 downloads
  • Safety information for practice
  • Grids and layouts for your own use and for practice on others
  • Basic healing techniques and principles
  • Cleansing and charging crystals
  • Workbook style so you can make your own notes
  • Experiential Learning
  • pdf – mp3 – video
  • PLUS Bonus !! Free E-book Guide

This course is amazing Value and would normally cost $180 –  but for you and for a limited time only because I want to spread as much Crystal Bliss as possible, I’m giving you all this knowledge and value for the amazing price of $33 !!! 






My teaching is unique and effective – here’s a few words from some of my graduates:‘I have gained so much from Learning Crystal Healing over the year. I have loved re-establishing my connection with the crystals.
Getting to know new crystals was always exciting – with some I have had challenges and others support from and particularly bonded with rhodonite which seemed to support me throughout the year.
I gained great insights from the seasonal meditations and look forward to revisiting them over the coming year.
I have so enjoyed connecting with you all on facebook, knowing I wasn’t alone on the journey.
Thankyou Gwyneth for such an wonderful experience and your support. ‘ – Amanda C, UK
‘The course was great and connecting with the crystals felt like a blessing….🙂 – but feeling more empowered now that I have looked a bit more inside and taking the time to know myself better as well as learning more about crystal healing. Lovely to have a structure to do it so you don’t just drift into the void and let yourself overcome by emotion and the clearing coming with it but be able to be aware and move forward even when you feel there is no movement. I enjoyed the meditations and connecting to the crystals…. 🙂. This has been a great year and I feel blessed to have been part of this group and connect with others on facebook. Some of you I came to meet in person and some not yet – maybe in the future 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing all this with me and I am happy I can carry on learning now that I have what  I need to do that thanks to lovely Gwyneth. Sending you much love  ♥’ – Diana D, UK

‘I just love this course. Every crystal is so special and I feel it heals different aspects of me / my life. Think the way you chose the crystal order (to work with) for this course is just brilliant Gwyneth. I really do not want to stop after this..lol..I want to work with crystals every day. Lol. You are my crystal guru forever. 😀 xx’ – Lisa S – UK