Crystal Heart Journeys – An Offer





Why, even thought you’ve tried self-help books, coaching and new year’s resolutions, do you still find yourself feeling disconnected, on the wrong path and not fulfilling your potential?

– in fact, do you feel that there is always something missing? Almost like there is some kind of void within you that is never satisfied? Do you feel ‘out of touch’ with yourself and others? Somehow even in a crowd you feel lost and yes, lonely as if you don’t fit in? Do you find yourself going from one disastrous relationship to another? And actually end up not really knowing what happened and why which just adds to that feeling of misdirection, detachment and loss.

So, who am I? And why am I committed to helping you find those lost parts of yourself so that you can transform your personal energy, feel whole, fulfilled and living in your TRUTH?

My name is Gwyneth Robbins-Cox and I am a professional crystal and energy healer. I run a highly successful accredited Crystal Healing Training School.

During my life I have experienced all the struggles you are feeling right now. It’s what makes me a compassionate understanding healer. Having been a single mother of five, I’ve spent times feeling lonely and isolated, not knowing which pathway to take let alone where the real ME was in my struggles. I went through two painful divorces that made me have to look at myself, my relationships and seek the answers. We learn from our life experiences and painful though they may be at times its’s what propels us (hopefully) in the right direction.

My salvation came when I decided to begin to learn all about crystal energies. I had already had years of study and practice as a therapist in aromatherapy, beauty therapy, reflexology, reiki and colour healing – but nothing matched the power of crystals!

One day the crystals called me and I responded, and found myself on a two year diploma course! This was the start of my journey back to myself. Having had the life kicked out of me, I slowly began to recover my sense of self, more self confidence than I had ever had before. One of my dreams was to teach but I had never dared think I could actually do it. But then the opportunity came and with the help of crystal energies, my new found buddies, I took the leap and propelled myself into a new life where I feel self fulfilled, happy, self-reliant each and every day.

My work is a delight to me – never arduous or boring. Working with crystal energies and watching people transform is a divine gift of love that is an absolute privilege to be part of. I have also attracted into my life the man of my dreams and we are now happily married!

Now, I’m not telling you this gloat on my good fortune – but to share with you and for the first time ever begin to reveal how you can begin to transform your life too with crystals. Working with crystals is like stepping through a magical doorway to ….

The Most Amazing Personal Crystal Healing on-line course that can transform your life!

Imagine how you will feel when:

  • you have more confidence

  • release stuck emotional blocks that hold you back

  • realise your potential and activate your creativity

  • open your heart to be the love you truly are

  • fulfil your true potential

It has taken me 20 years and £1,000’s making mistakes and learning the hard way in order to perfect the kind of on-line course I’m offering you right now at a fraction of what I’ve paid.

Allow me to help you transform yourself at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

You will learn:

  • How to connect to crystal energies properly and how they work with us.

  • Learn how to care for and cleanse your crystals

  • Begin to feel confident in creating healing layouts for yourself.

  • Most importantly begin to open up your intuition and trust your inner knowing, building an inner knowledge of crystal properties.

All this and loads more in

Crystal Heart Journeys on-line course!

 So what do you get?

Crystal Heart Journeys is an on-line 10 week course. I will send you 10 different crystals in the post for you to work with. You will be given hand-held instructions through mp3 recordings of how to tune into crystal energies and healing visualisations. You will also receive written pdf instructions.

You can do the course over a longer period at your own pace but its recommended that you work closely with one crystal each week, to fully integrate the energy. Crystal Heart Journeys will help you to align with your true self.

So many of us are disconnected and unhealed through the bumps and traumas of life. Through connecting with crystals you will be able to begin to release personal blocks and emotions, realise your creative potential and open your heart to life and love anew. You will find you feel more grounded, more connected and able to move forwards in your life with direction.

Part One:  You will receive through the post:

All the crystals you will need for the course with care instructions.

Via email you will also receive 8 pdf documents on how to get started with the course plus

4 audio mp3s including how to attune to your first two crystals, experiencing your crystals and your first Crystal healing Journey

Value £30

Part Two: You will receive 2 more pdfs containing information on crystals and a diagram of where to place the crystals for the healing session plus two more mp3 recordings of crystal attunements and your second crystal healing journey.

Value £30

Part Three: pdf information for two more crystals plus a pdf on biophotons and a diagram of your healing layout.

3 mp3’s of crystal attunements and your 3rd Crystal Journey

Value £30

Part Four: 4 pdfs, including information on two more crystals and also the ethics of crystal healing. Plus your healing layout guide.

3 mp3 recordings for two crystal attunements and your 4th crystal journey

Part Five: pdf information on two more crystals, your healing layout guide, how to move on to learn more with crystals, more ways of using crystal energies for yourself and a survey.  You will also receive a personal certificate.

Value £30

B O N U S ! !


one extra mp3 recording of a crystal journey PLUS an E-booklet on Crystals For Love!! 

Throughout the course you are encouraged to send feedback to me via email and you can share with others via a private Facebook group designed for sharing. I will give you full advice and coaching on your impressions and feedback throughout the course.

When you click the Add to Cart button you will be taken to the course signup page with a buy now PayPal button.  In PayPal please enter in your name and address carefully and any special offer codes.  Once you have paid for the course you will receive your password for the course.  This gives you entry to The Journeys.

You will receive your crystals within a few days.  Clients overseas may take longer to receive their crystals please bear with me!  Although I know you’ll be eager to begin!  You can then start to download all the pdfs and mp3s.  Get yourself a fancy journal too for writing down all your thoughts, feelings and impressions.

snapshot 1

Is this Journey right for you?

I love it when people open up to receive gifts of love that will shift their energies forever – but sadly I know that it’s not for everyone. Some of you may not be ready yet to open up to the greater YOU inside . . . but if you’re feeling a tingle of anticipation and are committed to making 2015 your Year – then keep reading.

Why is now the best time to begin your Crystal Journey from separation to wholeness?

OK – now for some quantum magic! It’s the start of 2016– 2016 vibrates energetically to the number 9 – just add 2016 together! Number 9 is about completion – the end of a cycle of learning – a time of reconciliation of karma – so now is the time for you to release what you no longer need and truly begin to manifest your divine self on Earth!! There has never been a better time than now to truly open up to your fantastic wonderful beautiful self and start to BE the person you want to be!

The truth is that we are all made of energy. We are all vibrating with energy – at this time, right now we need to Wake Up and Be Conscious! If we choose to stay asleep and not align ourselves with our true divinity, we will never feel that immense ecstatic buzz of heart felt joy that living your true potential brings.

But, maybe you don’t wish to take up this offer right now and feel OK in your comfort zone – missing out on the adventure that lies ahead.

Find the Crystalline You!

So, are you ready to Journey? Are you ready to let go of feeling unfulfilled, disconnected, as if you are wasting your life away? You know you deserve so much more! Like I did – you are ready to begin your journey of transformation and feel good and positive about your life. I’m already proud of you for making the right decision. . .


With Crystal Love,

Gwyneth Robbins-Cox

The Crystal Guru


Here’s what fellow journeyers are saying about the course:

“I have studied a couple of different crystal healing modalities but do not have a healing practice nor am I set up with the time, space nor willing people to practice on. But I wanted to continue working with crystals for my own personal development. Crystal Journeys was exactly what I was looking for! A framework to explore crystals for their insight and wisdom, with excellent guidance and room for my individual interpretations. Gwyneth’s voice is very soothing and easy to listen to; and the meditations were well paced. I feel my intuition, my inner vision and knowing have all been strengthened and developed as the journeys continued. The feedback was very knowledgeable, timely and very supportive. Most of all, my connection to the crystal kingdom has been strengthened. I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the lessons, they became little slices of heavenly bliss to nurture and illuminate me in my waking life.” Love from Tina, Australia

“Through crystal journeys I’ve been amazed at the different energies crystals have and how powerful they are.  I have found it all enlightening and informative.” – Zara uk

“At the start of the course I was a bit sceptical and not sure.  My mum had encouraged me and thought it was a good opportunity.  As time went on, encountering each crystal, I experienced their own unique hidden help, support and balance.  Rose quartz one of my favourites helped me to listen to how people feel about me, their love, their care and trust.  It helped me to see love in a different way and how to show it to those who love me.” – Jen, UK

“Since beginning Crystal Journeys I have been on a spiritual journey.  My intuition has really developed and my spirituality has grown. I have learnt so much working with the crystals.” – Kathy uk

“The course met my expectations! As a matter of fact, more than I imagined.
I would be confident to recommend this to my family and friends.
And yes, I feel the lesson was very valuable and satisfying for me equal to the payment!
I would be interested in further journeys! I would like to explore more.
Now I feel I connected more deeply with the crystals and my life has changed.  But I haven’t really been able to meet crystal diva or see imaginations, so I’m eager to deepen more.
I am very satisfied with course.
Your feedback on my emails helped me a lot. I experienced very new things with the crystals. I think The key successful lesson is to be very honest with yourself and share it with the teacher.
Warm regards.”
Miho Japan