Third Module/Professional Diploma Certificate

Third Module leading to the Professional Diploma (FSEM accredited)

Crystals worked with:
Fluorites, calcites and tourmalines, angelite, apophylite, celestite, danburite, emerald, ruby, sapphire, larimar, lepidolite, pyrite, obsidian, charoite, moldavite, pietersite, sugilite, moss agate, prehnite, petrified wood, selenite, kyanite, petalite and some ‘enhanced’ crystals such as aqua aura, ruby aura.

Learning to include:
The Healing Crisis – what it is and how to deal with it.
How do we become ill – The effects of stress on the subtle and physical bodies.

Advanced subtle anatomy – to include the outer auric layers and additional chakras and the implications for healing with crystals.
Creating gem essences and crystal elixirs for healing.
The Meridian System. The five chinese elements. The Mother/son cycle and destruction cycle. Meridian surges. Crystal healing and meridians – practical.
Working on relaxation techniques at the beginning of a treatment.
Visualisation techniques.
How does journeying work: theta brain waves.
Journeying and focussing techniques for healing with a client.
Working with sacred geometry – a deeper understanding on grid layouts and the power of numbers.
A more detailed look and practice at using sound to complement crystal healing, using voice, tibetan bowls, tingshas, drums and rattles.
A detailed look at how we can use tree/flower essences and plants to complement crystals healing. Plant Spirit energies. Working with your Plant Spirit Ally.
Setting up a Healing Practice including marketing, advertising, PR, keeping records, choosing premises, how to market through the web, plus social networking. First Aid and The Health and Safety At Work Act.
Using the Aura Soma pomanders and quintessences during a crystal healing –
complementary colour.
Experiencing crystal grids for a specific effect – Creating your own grids.
The ethics of working with children and sensitive people.

During the third module, each student will present a visualisation journey to the group.

Some written work is undertaken at intervals throughout the course so that each student can build up their own portfolio.

Throughout the course students will complete a learning journal. This is private but a summary of the journal is to be shared with the group at the end of each year. This is very useful for the student to see how they have changed and ‘grown’ through working personally with crystals and energy.

At the end of the third module,course students need to have seen and recorded healings on 10 clients once and another 4 clients 3 times each.
Out of these client case studies at least 3 clients must fill in a confidential questionnaire on their treatment and post it directly to the school.
The total number of case studies for modules 1, 2  and 3 combined is 38.

At the end of the second year, students will be observed and assessed by doing a treatment on a person they have not met. To include a full consultation, client handling, the healing session and after care.

On satisfactory completion the Professional Diploma in Crystal Healing (CHSdipCH) is awarded, which is fully accredited by the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM)