Syllabus for the Second Module

Syllabus of learning for the Second Module

Learning to include:-
Crystallography Work:  begin to build up your own crystal index recording the geological data of crystals they have worked with plus keywords to describe the energy from their own experience and aura/chakra correspondences.
Exploring the chakras in detail: practical and theoretical knowledge.
Crystal healing techniques including:- chakra charging,, using a pendulum, protecting the aura. 
A day spent exploring and practising self healing techniques in relation to the chakras.
The use of colour healing with crystals. Theory and practice – Introduction
The use of sound healing with crystals. Theory and practice – Introduction
Understanding how the subtle bodies inter-relate and the effects of crystal energy on them.
How to do distance healing with crystals – theory and practice.
Layouts using crystals of a similar colour
Layouts using crystals to create a particular healing effect
Preparation for Professional Practice – healing ethics, client records, after care, client management.
Comparisons between all the crystals worked with.
Identification of crystals
Observations of healing
Further crystallography with the crystals experienced in this section.
Crystallography including mining and its implications.
Creating healing mandalas with crystals and Planetary Healing.
Affirmations and Mantras
Case studies: Students will need to have practised and recorded results of crystal healing on 3 people 2 times and a further 10 people at least once – these are formal case studies – but regular healing practice between tutorials is essential.

Crystals worked with:
garnet, red jasper, bloodstone, amber, tigers eye, topaz, peridot, malachite, rhodonite, rhodocrosite, strawberry quartz, kunzite, aquamarine, turquoise, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, herkimer diamond, moonstone, sunstone, labradorite, copper.