Syllabus for Intensive Crystal Therapy Training

Syllabus and topics covered:

Sensing and attuning to the following crystals.
Clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, hematite, smokey quartz, citrine,
carnelian, green aventurine, blue lace agate, sodalite.
Learning to include:
Awareness of the body: – relaxation techniques, how to ground, centre and protect oneself and to consciously draw in cosmic energy to channel during healing.
Holding the healing space and observing the aura.
Methods and techniques for attuning to the energies of crystals.
Choosing, cleansing, charging, dedicating, activating and programming crystals.
Awareness of energy:- feeling the differences in energies within crystal grids using points and tumblestones.
Aura work – scanning the aura and detecting/seeing energies.
Rose quartz aura massage.
Subtle Anatomy: – being aware of the existence of the aura and its first 4 layers, the existence of the chakras – what and where they are. How they interract.
Working with simple crystal grids – theory and practice.
Contra indications to Crystal Healing and the Student Consultation Form.
Client Management and Safety
Activating crystals
Using a crystal wand for aura brushing for protecting, strengthening and clearing the aura – How and Why.
The Basic practicalities of crystal healing. To include:- how to conduct a crystal healing session with a ‘client’. Grounding, how to detect if someone is not grounded. How to choose crystals for a ‘client’ and for yourself.
Crystallography work:- the structure of the Earth, how crystals are formed, crystal shapes, the chemical composition of crystals, the colour of crystals, the Mohs scale, enhanced crystals, poisonous crystals, crystal handling.