rutilated smoky quartzquartz smoky rutilated


I just absolutely love Smoky Quartz!  Smoky Quartz is just so very gently grounding.  The energy of this beautiful piece is amazing!  Look at those shining rutiles of titanium – making this a very special Crystal indeed.  Smoky quartz has an element of air about it’s energy movement and with these rutiles, creates an immense sense of well-being and enlightenment.  The rutiles within help us to release quickly and smoky quartz enables us to  move on with positivity.  Wonderful to have in your environment – and a wonderful crystal ally for meditation.  What a beautiful piece for your collection!

Length: 6 inches/15+cms  Height:  6 inches/15+cms Weight: approx 5 pounds/2.27 kgs Location: Bahia Region of Northeastern Brazil Investment: £1600 includes shipping

 rutilated smoky quartz
rutilated smoky quartz
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