Products Overview

So here it is! –  a beautiful collection of Crystal Jewellery set in 925 sterling silver.  Take a look below at some of the best sellers here and click/tap the images to see the whole range.

Choose from blue lace agate, turquoise , moonstone, lapis lazuli, labradorite, hematite, moldavite, rose quartz, mystic topaz, tanzanite, amethyst, clear quartz, citrine.
And if jewellery doesn’t fulfil your crystal desires take a look at the selection of crystal hearts, crystal angels,  wands, palmstones and pendulums.

Click here to view my Big Beautiful Crystals in the Raw 


silver moldavite heartsilver moldavite heart side viewmoldavite heart rear viewbracelet lapis lazulioval cut lapis lazuli pendant 27x20mmbracelet moonstoneearrings moonstonemoonstone pendant oval cut 18x14mmbracelet with mystic topazearrings - mystic topaz50mm Fluorite AngelsPendant -Mystic Topaz - 12mm x 8mm Pear Cut35mm Tiger Eye AngelsTanzanite Pendant - 12mm x 14mm Oval Cut with free form crystal30mm Preseli Bluestone Heartring tanzanite  Oval Cut 10mm x 7mmbracelet rose quartz 10mm Round CutEarrings Rose Quartz - 12mm x 8mm Pear CutPendant Rose Quartz - 15mm Round CutRing Rose Quartz - 14mm Round Cutblue lace agate pendant 40mmoval cut blue lace ring 25x18mmEarrings Labradorite 10mm x 7mm Oval Cutlarge Labradorite pendantbutterfly necklace of hematite and amethystdowsing crystalPendulum Green AventurineLapis Generater Wand 60-80mmPalm Stone Carnelian

We’ll be adding to this soon.  There’s a whole sparkly world full of crystal booty and we want to bring you the best right here.

Silver Plated Chains

Please select one of our silver chains to go with your pendant. We have a variety for you to choose from . Click/Tap here to check them out now!

silver chain light curb 18 in