Crystal Heart School

Crystal Heart School has been training people in the art of Intuitive Crystal Healing for 12 years with group courses and online too.

New for 2020! Bitesized weekend trainings from Introduction level to level 4 obtaining the full Crystal Healing Diploma. You can now take these weekend trainings which will deepen your connection to crystals, learning crystal healing techniques for yourself and for professional practice. There will be crystal exploration as homestudy as you progress to complete your learning journey of becoming a Crystal Healer.

Introduction to Crystal Healing – 14th March 1 til 5pm in Basingstoke –

Have you always wanted to know how crystal healing works? Do you love crystals but are not sure how to use them to benefit yourself and friends? In this four hour workshop, we will explore the basics of Crystal Healing.
Learn how to cleanse and charge crystals properly
Learn how to connect and sense crystal energy
Learn two simple crystal healing techniques
Find your own personal crystal ally and learn how to work with it for your own personal healing .

Your investment £50