Aura Soma Tarot Life Path Readings

The Aura Soma Tarot

is a fantastic medium to illuminate your soul pathway.  As part of my Personal Guru service to you I offer one, two or three readings to help clarify and strengthen your sense of confidence and the decisions you make for yourself, leading to a deeper self-love and appreciation of your Soul self.  You have nothing to lose – allow the gold of your soul to shine!

alchemical gold

Here’s what happens:

  •  I select your cards and channel guidance through them for your highest spiritual learning.
  • I examine your souls timeline through numerology which gives you an overall understanding of what challenges/issues your soul is working through right now and the reasoning behind it.
  • I give you guidance on what is most difficult for you and the energies you are drawing towards you from the future.
  • I send you a photograph of your cards so that you can visually absorb the information and a complete written report.
  • We mutually arrange a Skype call with you which will help give you more clarity on your reading.
  • I give you advice on which crystal energies may support you in the present moment.
  • You will receive your full report within one week of booking via your email address.

Value of this Service to you £100

My offer price for the first five people an amazing £50 only!